1. C

    Drobo sized 4/5 bay DAS that doesn’t suck?

    I got a drobo 4 bay USB3 unit some time ago pretty cheap as busted doa unit (spoiler it isn’t broke) got my monies worth but, BOY is it slow. i have 2x 12tb SeaGate irons wolfs and some mismatched WD purples 4/5TBs. i do have 2 WD 10TB drives sitting around. none of my stuff matches. However i...
  2. Norithar

    Looking For Direct Attached Storage Recommendations

  3. Tekmyster

    HGST Ultrastar 7k6000 Compatibility with LSI 9280-8E

    I have an MD1000 that i have an HGST HUS726040ALN610 4TB 4Kn drive in, and my LSI 9280-8E shows the following. Raw Capacity: 465,753GB Sector Size: 512 B Status: Unconfigured Good (Unsupported) i tried others thinking the drive was bad, but the issue persists. i can't find any documentation...
  4. B

    Case for JBOD/DAS + Remote "turn on" PSU

    Hello everyone. I am in search of a case, near mid-tower size to handle at least 15HDD for a DAS/JBOD. The cheapest options I found are based on those 9-bay DVD Duplicators. I woud then use 3x (3x5.25 to 5x3.5) backplanes to hold 15 HDDs. Output would be from a HP SAS Expander to an Areca 1880...