customer service

  1. cageymaru

    Blizzard Entertainment Has Paid 100 Customer Service Employees to Voluntarily Quit

    Blizzard Entertainment is offering cash incentives equal a full year's pay to its customer service employees in Ireland to voluntarily quit their jobs. This is the fifth time that Blizzard has enriched the cash payout to employees. Remaining employees say that the loss of 100 associates has...
  2. K

    Recent(terrible) customer support experience with ASUS

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I just thought I'd share my recent experience with Asus, that led me to creating an account for this forum to share my experience. I recently sent in my laptop to get the screen repaired in mid-July, since it had developed blotches over time, and was still under...
  3. Z

    Oculus Customer Service Thread (A+)

    I was having some issues with the headset losing signal. It was either the cable or the port on the headset itself. It would get a signal, but with any movement it would keep going in an out. Also I had an issue with the left headphone not working. I submitted a ticket at 2 a.m on a Saturday...