1. cageymaru

    The Bring Up Tackles Remote Workstations and AMD Pro Software Features

    AMD has a web series called "The Bring Up" and this week it tackled remote workstation usage and new features coming to AMD Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 19.Q1 Release. I thought the Radeon Pro Image Boost was interesting as it does exactly as it says; boosts the quality of images. The...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Techspot Tests a Multi GPU Setup in 2018

    Multi GPU setups have fallen out of favor in the past few years. Games rarely advertise support for it anymore, and AMD has even deprecated the "Crossfire" brand. TechSpot noted that the last multi-GPU test they ran was in 2016, so they decided to grab a pair of RX 590s and see what the...
  3. dvsman

    Random External graphics idea / question

    Seeing how alot of new moboes and computers are coming with thunderbolt ports, would it be possible to use two separate external enclosures with a GPU in each, to do SLI / XFire (maybe XFire since there's no way to attach the SLI bridge)? I've been debating updating my intel box (was thinking...
  4. O

    Need help on a Crossfire cooling issue

    I'm running dual XFX R9 290x (R9-290X-EDFD) cards on a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 Rev 3.0 mobo. The two cards are currently air cooled and slotted in the PCIe 2.0 16x slots on the board. I am planning on upgrading the cooling on these cards using 2 Corsair H55 closed loop coolers and 2 NZXT G12...
  5. D

    Win 10 recognizes my dGPU, but doesn't actually use it. On day 3 of troubleshooting

    Hi all, I posted this on the AMD forums, but there's been no reply in 3 days. I was a member here 15 years ago, and am hoping a new g can help out an old g :) Note: since these screenshots were taken, there was an AMD graphics driver update that I did install, however, it did not make a...
  6. Q

    Vega Crossfire tested - poor scaling, slower than 1080 Ti

    PC Perspective article here.
  7. bluesynk

    Can't decide 1070 or cf 480 for VR?

    I'm almost ready to jump into vr. I built my pc with it in mind (6600k z170mx) just needed some graphics. I was pretty sure I wanted to go with a 1070. Right price range on top of a Vive. Price on the 480s have dropped to where i can get 2 for $300 (4 gig) or $400 (8 gig). I'm thinking 8...
  8. Q

    RX 460 Crossfire benchmarked

    Video here. What really interests me is that crossfire works and they show the silent RX 460. While it is certainly more cost-effective to buy a RX 480, with two silent RX 460s, a Nofan cooler, and a fanless PSU, you could have a totally fanless gaming rig that can hold its own.
  9. FrgMstr

    Serious Sam VR mGPU AMD RX 480 Follow Up @ [H]

    Serious Sam VR mGPU AMD RX 480 Follow Up - We all know that Virtual Reality gaming is still in its infancy and we have seen lots of great gaming moments already. As the content moves forward so is the way game developers are taking advantage of the technologies available to them to make our VR...
  10. Yakk

    Radeon Crossfire coding Info now on GPUOPEN.COM

    Came across this tidbit of information about Crossfire posted on : AMD Crossfire API – GPUOpen While not many people who come here may code, it's still a great read. For those so inclined there's even some sample code if you want to try your hand at programming some basic...
  11. Q

    Multi-GPU = 1%?

    Fudzilla report here that under 30M cards were sold last year. I remember from another thread that 300K cards per year are sold in SLI and XF configs. That makes multi-GPU setups about 1%.
  12. H

    Crossfire (2x) R390X vs Crossfire (2x) R9 Fury X

    Which one is good and has a better performance and memory? I've already ask my friends and others but I'm still confuse which one is better. Recommendations/comments are well appreciated.
  13. J

    Crossfire (2x) R390X vs Crossfire (2x) R9 Fury X

    Hello guys! I want to setup some really performance focused gaming PC. Cash is not an issue – just want it to work better. First of all, it must be AMD GPU. Yep, I know that probably SLI 980Ti would be a better (and easier) choice, but still – AMD needed. Gaming PC with 3 (full HD/WQHD) or...