FS: Dell 27" QHD 155mhz Gaming Monitor | AMD Radeon RX 570 Reference GPU | Corsair 32GB CL16 RAM | Corsair K70 Keyboard and Ironclaw Mouse + MORE!!!

    Hey [H]ardForum family, Today I have several computer parts for sale. I'm selling these items as part of my spring cleaning to reduce storage clutter. Wife's orders lol. Items were barely used then placed in their original packaging and stored away. #1 Barely used Dell 27" QHD 155mhz FreeSync...
  2. cageymaru

    Sound BlasterX G6 Reviewed

    Audio Science Review has tested the Sound BlasterX G6 and found it to be surprisingly good for a budget device in a feature-filled package. During DAC testing it was discovered that the device's SINAD would rocket up to 112 dB if the level was dialed down by 2 dBFS (digitally.) Linearity was...
  3. cageymaru

    Replacing Op-Amps in a Topping D10 DAC

    Audiophiles have been rolling (replacing) op-amps in their DAC units for years. In the computer audio world, high end sound card units from Creative and Asus have had replaceable op-amps in years past and their owners swear by the increased audio fidelity from changing them out. Audio Science...
  4. AlphaAtlas

    Creative Launches Super X-Fi Amp

    Creative says they dumped about $100 million in R&D developing a new surround virtualization technology. Yesterday, they announced the culmination of all those efforts: a headphone amplifier and a pair of earbuds with "Super X-Fi Holography Technology." Creative claims SXFI is distinct from...
  5. R

    X-Fi FATAL1TY Dead, Options?

    Hi all! BACKGROUND So my trusty though somewhat headache inducing through the years (especially as it has aged, probably bad caps and increasingly faulty onboard memory) Creative X-Fi FataI1ty has finally become unbearable after a decade of use. It created artifacting on the right channels...
  6. Thug Esquire

    NEW PRICE DROPS: watercooling, HDDs, CPUs, mobos, RAM, RAID, cases and MORE

    My HeatWare Feedback is 100% positive with 40+ happy customers. Thank you for your business! Payment: I accept payments via: Google Wallet, Chase QuickPay, Venmo, or Cash Shipping: Prices include shipping except where otherwise specified. $31 - Corsair 600T white mid-ATX case with window...
  7. Thug Esquire

    Deal central: 980 Ti, OWC Thunderbolt 2 dock, watercooling & more

    Most everything is in very good condition. All prices include shipping to continental US unless specified otherwise, and everything includes the original box unless specified otherwise. Most items include their original accessories as well. Everything will arrive clean. Package 1, Intel X79...
  8. Zarathustra[H]

    Who Killed PC Audio, and will Soundcards Ever Be a Thing Again?

    In the latest episode of PC World's The Full Nerd Gordon Ung interviews Ryan Schleiper from Creative Labs, and tackle the rather controversial topic of who killed PC Gaming audio, and what its future might look like. If you enjoy a walk down memory lane when it comes to old school PC tech, and...