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    PC Crashing while Playing or starting games

    Hello I got the Problem that my PC is crashing while playing Rust and also that my PC is crashing when I start Call of Duty. If i play GTA 5 it works normally and fine. My specs are : AMD Ryzen 5950X / corsair vengence 32gb Ram / Geforce GTX 1070...
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    FXF R9 390x crashing

    Hi Not sure what’s going on with my 4 year old R9 390x. It crashes after 2 minutes while running Kombuster the MSI benchmark on default settings. When it crashes the screens go black/off but the PC is still running. Ive tried under the he below: 1. Under clocked, but still with full voltage...
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    Win10... Unending Blue Screens.

    Sorry if this is the wrong page for this, first time posting. I'm not great when it comes to understanding much about my PC and right now I just know that it's giving me blue screens at an exceptionally frustrating frequency and I don't know how to make them stop. I'll try to break down...
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    Typical thickness of thermal pads

    Hello, new here and have a question. Is there a thickness of thermal pads on mosfets/chokes that is typical across brands and models? I have an MSI r9 290 twinfrozr gaming and I think it is exhibiting overheating issues, crashing the computer. I managed to take the screenshot below, just...
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    Win 10 VR Crashes

    EDIT: SOLVED - OC was the issue. See bottom post. Hi, My system is constantly locking up (BSOD) in VR under Windows 10 every 30-40 minutes or so. The error I get is one of 2, either the watchdog timeout BSOD, or a IRQL message. It has occurred through all Nvidia driver and Windows updates...
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    Constant crashing - nvidia driver - please help

    I am completely lost on this problem. I am getting Windows 10 BSOD randomly and often frequently. It just started within the past 2-3 weeks and it is incredibly sporadic. I typically get at least 3-4 crashes a day. Sometimes 6+. The crashes can occur when I'm doing something in the browser...