1. B

    How to Clean Synthetic Fabric Upholstery?

    Hi. I wiped my office chair with damp cloth that I soaked in dish detergent soap's foam. Let it dry and wiped with damp cloth that I soaked in lemon juice and wrung after. My office chair looks better but it still has remains of stain. Any idea what other home-made stuff can clean it?
  2. T

    Cleaning my PC killed my X470 mobo

    Yesterday I was cleaning the dust out of my PC for the first time since it was built about 3 years ago and somehow killed my Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING mobo. Wouldn't post and I'd see alternating CPU/DRAM red LED lights flashing. Did all kinds of resetting including cleared CMOS jumper &...
  3. S

    Best drain component for custom loop?

    Seems like the best place to put a drain tube for cleaning out and draining a loop is at the bottom so that gravity pulls the liquid down. In my case, that position is coming out of the pump. So I figure I'll get a Y fitting for the pump outlet which connects to the rest of the loop and to my...
  4. N4CR

    New Enermax Platimax D.F. series added (1200-750W) dust cleaning mode etc New 1200W, 1050W, 850W, 750W to strengthen the existing line-up of 600W and 500W models. Some really neat features, a reduced dust mode/self cleaning mode is very attractive to me, I hate pulling PSUs apart to clean...