cell phone

  1. X

    OnePlus 8 pro 128gb Green

    Used this for 2 years, sat on the shelf for a year. Battery holds a charge but started to last less than a day, so I upgraded. Might have been my use, might have been shortening life (both likely together). Will wipe before shipping. Comes with Red charging cable and wireless rapid charger...
  2. Jimmmy

    WTB - Samsung S10 or S9

    Looking for a used Samsung S10 or S9 it doesn’t have to be great just functional. Please shoot me offers of the same or similar items. Heat is under jimmmy
  3. Z

    FS: Google Pixel 3XL BOGO! + Bonus S7

    Clearing out more phones! 2x Verizon Pixel 3XL 128GB Black (unlocked) + Google buds (gen1) + Bonus Samsung S7 (unlocked). FS: 2x Verizon Pixel 3XL 128 Black *** 1x phone has a crack on the front screen *** thus the BOGO price 1x Google Buds (gen1) Bonus 2x Samsung S7 black unlocked **** 1x...
  4. TheHig

    WTB: Verizon or Unlocked Verizon compatible Android phone.

    Title says it all. Looking for a decent Verizon Android phone for a relative. Budget is $100-120 shipped to OH 45243. Have PayPal. Thanks!
  5. Z

    FS: $550 Pixel 2 XL 128GB Just Black - BONUS

    Hello, Selling my Brand new Pixel 2 XL 128GB - Just Black - Verizon phone. Brand new from Google - as my old Pixel was stolen and I just moved into an S9+. I am using the powercord/charger. FYI - $949.00 at the Google store / Verizon. Bonus items, SSD, hhd, cpus, gpus, just ask! $550...
  6. R

    Pentagon Cracks Down on Cell Phones

    In a report from the Associated Press, the Defense Department has approved new restrictions on electronic devices within the Pentagon. The memo, signed by Deputy Secretary Patrick Shanahan, primarily clarifies current procedures, procedures that state that phones be left in storage containers...
  7. F

    [FS] Matte Black iPhone 7 Plus 256GB (locked to AT&T)

    Hello, I am putting my iPhone 7 Plus up for sale as I've replaced it with a new phone. The phone is currently locked to AT&T. Phone is in mint condition as its been in a case & tempered glass screen protector since being unboxed. Includes the following: Phone (obviously) Original box...
  8. Z

    FS: *NEW* Pixel XL 128GB Verizon (Unlocked) Quite Black

    Hello, I have a brand new Pixel XL 128GB Verizon (unlocked) Quite Black phone. I bought 2x of them awhile ago and used one as my daily phone till I moved to a S8+. I have moved now to a Pixel 2 XL and pretty much forgot that I had an extra Pixel laying around, brand new. Works on Verizon...
  9. R

    FS: iPhone 7 Plus 128gb w/ AppleCare+

    SOLD $600 $575 Shipped iPhone 7 Plus 128GB w/ AppleCare + (T-Mobile/Unlocked) AppleCare never used, includes box and all brand new accessories Full Specs | Full Imgur Album heat under riddlerthc
  10. B

    WTB: Verizon phone

    My son in his infinite wisdom sat on his phone and killed the screen. Looking for a Verizon phone in the $50-100 range. Heat is bigolac Thanks - Adam
  11. E

    FS - HTC 10, Nexus 5, Droid Turbo

    All sold, thanks for your interest! US Unlocked HTC 10 - $400 shipped https://imgur.com/a/gijbq This is the US unlocked HTC 10 in silver. It's rooted, and currently running Lineage 7.1 perfectly. This phone is running anything a Pixel runs, including Google Assistant. It was lightly used...
  12. D

    FS: BLU Studio Energy 2 - Grey

    Hello all, $ SOLD SOLD SOLD shipped with tracking; US48 only Seller Notes / Condition of Item: The phone is in perfect condition with no cracks or scratches. The battery life is impressive with the 5000 mAh capacity. I can easily get 3 days out of the phone with moderate usage. I never...