case mod

  1. FrgMstr

    How Not to Case Mod

    Rule number one, do not use your external hard drive enclosure to get your snakes on a plane. If you were wondering, snakes in Barbados are quite rare due to early settlers releasing mongoose , but it does happen to be the land of the smallest known snake on the planet. The more you know...
  2. DooKey

    It's Time for Case Mod World Series 2018

    It's that time of the year again with AMD, CoolerMaster, and ViewSonic sponsoring the Case Mod World Series 2018. There are always great rigs build during this contest and I'm sure this year will see outstanding builds like past years. This year will feature 6 different categories and there's...
  3. WheresWaldo

    Not technically a case mod but .. 3D modeled parts for MasterCase 5

    I just got my Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Pro and I have a lot of time before I have all the parts to build up my PC. So, I asked on the CoolerMaster forum if part of "Make it your own" included releasing 3D models for easier modding. I got no response. These are not scans of the original parts...
  4. A

    My First PC Case Mod

    This is my custom PC case gaming mod. You can see the process on my youtube video: Thanks and if you have any suggestion let me know on the comment!