battlefield 5

  1. Armenius

    Battlefield V's battle royale Firestorm is now live

    The long-awaited Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V went live this morning on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. To differentiate itself from other Battle Royale games on the market, Battlefield V has players complete radiant objectives throughout the game in order to gain access to the best...
  2. FrgMstr

    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2060 Performance @ [H]

    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2060 Performance The new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU is the least expensive GPU to support NVIDIA Ray Tracing at $349 MSRP. What kind of real-world ray traced performance can it deliver in Battlefield V multiplayer with DXR turned on? We take a very fast MSI...
  3. cageymaru

    DICE and NVIDIA Collaborate to Increase DXR Performance in Battlefield V by up to 50%

    DICE and NVIDIA are collaborating to fix bugs and optimize Battlefield V to meet their performance goal of running DXR, real-time ray tracing, at 60+ FPS. This work has created performance uplifts of up to 50% in some problematic areas of the game. The companies are expected to continue this...
  4. cageymaru

    Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 416.94 WHQL Has Been Released

    NVIDIA has released new Game Ready Drivers 416.94 WHQL that provide the optimal gaming experience for Battlefield V, Fallout 76, and Hitman 2. New 3D Vision profiles for Fallout 76 (fair) and Hitman 2 (Good) are included with the drivers. These drivers allow users to have the best experience...
  5. 5150Joker

    Hardware Unboxed - BF 5 benchmarks

    This is why I can’t take AMD seriously in the high end CPU market for consumers, they get pummeled in games. Yeah Ryzen has cores but that’s about it really. The game might be in a beta stage but I doubt this result will change much between now and final release. Video:
  6. DooKey

    Battlefield 5 Has Been Delayed By a Month

    EA is delaying the Battlefield 5 release by a month and it will now be available on November 20th. They say this delay is because the core gameplay needs to be adjusted. Gameplay tempo, soldier visibility, and player friction are the areas they are looking into. I have to agree on the soldier...
  7. DooKey

    DICE Made Nvidia’s Ray Traced Gaming Dreams a Reality in Just Eight Months

    DICE technical director, Christian Holmquist, says they began working on ray tracing for Battlefield 5 late last year and did it with early drivers and no hardware. That's just eight months ago and when you think about it this is pretty quick since it's new for PC gaming. Also, he says they went...
  8. DooKey

    Battlefield 5 Developers Wish They'd Included Women in Battlefield 1, Too

    Dice developer, Alexander Grondal, is doubling down on his earlier statements about women in Battlefield 5 and says he wishes he had included women in Battlefield 1 when it was released. I don't really care whether women are in the games or not, but a vocal group of Battlefield fans have...
  9. DooKey

    Battlefield 5 – Official Gamescom Trailer – Devastation of Rotterdam

    I know we've seen Battlefield 5 trailers before and this one is similar to previous trailers, however, this one appears to hint at a Battle Royale mode at the end of the video. I know this is something people have been waiting for and this trailer might be the holy grail. Take a look. Watch the...
  10. FrgMstr

    Battlefield V Closed Alpha Gameplay

    EA kicked off its closed alpha today for Battlefield V. This is a nice video to give you a look since it does not have a bunch of people not shutting the eff up and letting us watch the gameplay. Check out the gameplay.
  11. R

    Battlefield V Minimum Requirements Announced

    A report from DSOGaming states that the minimum requirements for Battlefield V have been posted, and it's looking like quite a powerful system will be required. You will need: OS: 64-bit copy of Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 Processor: FX 6350 or i5 6600k 8GB of RAM GPU: HD 7850 2GB or GTX 660 2GB and...
  12. cageymaru

    So DICE is hiring for VR.

    Yes, the company DICE of Battlefield fame is hiring VR people for a small team. This got me excited because they make the engine for Mirror's Edge, Dragon's Age, etc. Think there might be something VR in our future? Johan Andersson's tweet looking for talent. Jobs listings at DICE Jobs - DICE