1. G

    How could this PSU plug into a 24pin?

    I bought a server power supply for mining purposes, which has the following cables: 12x 6+ 2pin 12x 6pin 12x6pin Molex for fans Didn't notice that it doesn't have a 24pin cable for a motherboard and also no cable for the SSD. Is there a way to connect the 24pin and SSD through adapters...
  2. C

    RTX 2070 Supper needs 1x 6-pin + 1x 8-pin- Can I use am adapter ?

    Hello Fellows, newbie here. Quick hardware/power pins question. I just created my small mining machine from spare gaming PC I have. I will just stay with 2 GPUs. I have 2 PCI slots: 1st. port - I got RX580 8GG pluged in directly 2nd port - I got a raiser card with Molex/Sata power connector...
  3. Cerulean

    Adapter for cloning HDD to M.2 ??

    Greetings! I'm a huge fan of Apricorn's ASW-USB3-25 (SATA to USB3) and AMSW-USB3 (mSATA to USB3) products that use a custom-branded version of HD Clone Pro called EZ Gig IV. It works great, simply, and easily! Now, I am looking for a rock solid reliable USB 3.x tool for M.2 SSDs (multi-key?)...