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    FS: 4690k, DDR3, AXP-100R, Jaybird X2, Dexpad

    Clearing out the basement of a bunch of older stuff. I prefer to split actual shipping, so prices don't include shipping. Local for me is 14586. Heat is nicepants42. Relevant notes are at the bottom. Jaybird X2 earbuds, $25 Samsung Dexpad, 1pc $15 never opened Thermalright AXP-100R low...
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    WTB: unlocked Haswell I5... for a bet

    Short story: I need a decent/good overclocker Haswell I5 Long story: My junior is having a bet, a symbolic one (a lunch at McDonald's) with one of his friends. The bet is that he will beat in FPSs (playing GTA V) the dude that is having an 4770K (but a lazy chip that cant go over 4.4 GHz) and...
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    Old HTPC Partout: ASrock Z97E ITX, 4690K, GTX1070FE, 8GB DDR3

    I pulled the PSU out of this thing last month and never replaced it, and want to get a Xbox One X. Would prefer to sell mobo with CPU for ease of shipping and ensuring socket area isn't damaged. ASrock Z97E/ac ITX mobo - sold 4690K CPU - sold FE GTX1070 - $375 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 2133 - $50...
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    Ghost Recon/For Honor code, 4690K CPU w/ASRock Z97-E ITX, G.Skill DDR3

    NVIDIA game code - $30 Gigabyte GTX960 Windforce - $100 PNY GTX680 2GB Reference Model - $75 4690K i5 CPU w/ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac - $250 G.Skill PC3-12800 (2x4GB) - $70 Will combine ram with mobo/cpu for $300 shipped System has been used as an HTPC for the last two years and has never had...
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    Mini ITX, Rampage V, Ceton Tuners, Galaxy S6, GTX980

    Greetings ladies & gentlemen, the below items are indeed for sale and everything is OBO (within reason). Shipping will be UPS ground and items are available for local pickup in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago. Below are the parts making up my Mini ITX System. If someone wants the package...
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    i5 4690k / MSI z97 Gaming 3 - overclocking HELP thank you

    Hello I am looking to see if I can get to 4.3GHZ overclocked for the 4690k. The default is 3.5ghz and in my BIOS I have a "OC GENIE" that bumps it up to 4ghz and I am 45-50 temperature no problems. I am looking to see what would be the correct voltage setting for 4.3ghz, and if it's possible...