WTB: unlocked Haswell I5... for a bet

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Limp Gawd
Feb 2, 2016
Short story: I need a decent/good overclocker Haswell I5

Long story: My junior is having a bet, a symbolic one (a lunch at McDonald's) with one of his friends. The bet is that he will beat in FPSs (playing GTA V) the dude that is having an 4770K (but a lazy chip that cant go over 4.4 GHz) and an 1060 6GB Strix with his Zotac GTX 980 AMP! (now junior is having an 4430). Basically there are 2-4 FPS in the favor of the 1060, but im 99.99% sure I can recover the gap with a good overclocking chip. On the other hand, is purely "junior business", is his budget (you imagine tight lol), I "washed my hands" and I said I will help him just with search, set-up, etc, but not financial :)) (eah, more or less a lesson to make or not a bet:)). So, to resume, I have 3 weeks to find a good chip, but if I fail with 1st one im buying, should be bought with a VERY GOOD price to can sell it quickly to buy another one :)) (as I said, "junior budget").

PayPal payment.

Waiting offers, thanks for looking :)
Not open for further replies.