i5 4690k / MSI z97 Gaming 3 - overclocking HELP thank you

Nov 30, 2016
Hello I am looking to see if I can get to 4.3GHZ overclocked for the 4690k. The default is 3.5ghz and in my BIOS I have a "OC GENIE" that bumps it up to 4ghz and I am 45-50 temperature no problems. I am looking to see what would be the correct voltage setting for 4.3ghz, and if it's possible could I get 4.4ghz? Also need the voltage settings for that.

Sorry I've researched a lot online and there are so many different answers and they all vary. I know it's more of a trial and error, but I was hoping some people would have some help and possibly an approximate voltage number.

I do have an extra fan for cooling as well thank you
Voltage depends purely on the chip, all chips are different. I wouldn't advise to do 4.4 on stock cooling. You find the ideal voltage by going up by +5 generally, testing and then redoing if unstable. But like i said get a decent heatsink if you're gonna overclock.