1. karsten

    FS: 2018 MacBook Air 13" Space Gray 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 8GB 512GB New Keyboard $500

    This 2018 Macbook Air is in excellent condition. I just had the keyboard and top cover replaced by Apple Technicians. The battery cycle count is at 176. It includes the USB-C charger too. I've removed my icloud info and reset the computer. Specs: 13" Space Gray 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 8GB 512GB...
  2. cageymaru

    AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Says EPYC Will "Double the Performance Per Socket"

    AMD president and CEO Dr. Lisa Su has joined the CNBC "Squawk on the Street" team for an exclusive interview where she discusses the recent AMD financial report and the company's guidance for 2019. Make sure you pay attention to her comments on EPYC performance doubling per socket beginning at...
  3. cageymaru

    AMD Reported Its Q4 and Annual 2018 Financial Results

    AMD has reported its Q4 2018 and annual 2018 financial results. The Q4 revenue was $1.42B, with earnings of 8 cents per share; an increase of 6% y/y. This missed Wall Street estimates of $1.44 billion in revenue. AMD reported that the growth was driven by the Computing and Graphics segment...
  4. cageymaru

    Intel Releases Disappointing Q4 2018 and Full-Year 2018 Financial Results

    Intel has released its Q4 2018 and full-year 2018 financial results. The fourth quarter revenue was $18.7 billion, up 9 percent year-over-year (YoY); and full-year revenue set an all-time record of $70.8 billion, up 13 percent YoY. According to CNBC, analysts had predicted a higher revenue...
  5. cageymaru

    The Top 5 Worst Games of 2018

    ACG on Youtube launches into a [NSFW language] diatribe against the top 5 worst games of 2018. His condemnation of the titles may initially seem overboard, but you soon realize just how bad they are when you watch the game play footage that he presents to make his point. Many times in the video...
  6. cageymaru

    The Most Popular Shows on Netflix by State in 2018

    Using data from Google Trends, HighspeedInternet.com was able to create a list of the most popular Netflix shows in each state during 2018. California and Texas love "Jane the Virgin" while six states were enamored with "The End of the F***ing World." 7 states were impressed with "13 Reasons...
  7. P

    Vote: Hard DC'er of the Year: 2018 {part one}

    1 January pututu 2 February motqalden 3 March EXT64 4 April MixManSC 5 May atp1916 6 June ChelseaOilman 7 July phoenicis 8 August...
  8. MavericK

    Fanatical Staff Picks of 2018 Bundle - Up to 5 games, starting at $1

    Some really excellent deals here. The big one for me was The Sexy Brutale, which looks amazing. Some other good picks in there as well, and super cheap. Get one game on the list for $1, 3 games for $2.49, and 5 games for $3.49. Less than a dollar per game at higher levels...
  9. cageymaru

    Google Trends Releases the Biggest Search Topics of 2018

    Google Trends has released data on the most popular and trending searches of 2018. The data is broken up into categories such as music, movies, TV, and sports. It can also be viewed globally or by country. In a year of ups and downs, the world searched for "good" more than ever before --...
  10. G

    2018 Holiday Deals Compilation (Black Friday Cyber Monday)

    I'm compiling my personal list of deals again this year and thought I would share the list with anyone interested! I'm just gathering lists from various sources and putting them in one place. Link to the Google Doc below. :)...
  11. Gilthanis

    14th Annual WCG Birthday Challenge

    https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=9145 The team has been set up. Challenge Name: 14th Birthday Challenge Created By: SETI.Germany Open Challenge? Yes Start Date: 11/16/2018 End Date: 11/22/2018 Challenge Type: Points Late Entrants...
  12. DooKey

    THE PREDATOR Final Trailer (2018)

    The Predator series of movies is one of my favorites of all times. I've been looking forward to the latest release and they've been kind enough to put out their final trailer to make all of us drool. This one looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to see it. BTW, there is some NSFW language in...
  13. cageymaru

    Prime Day 2018 Fuels Amazon Sales to 100 million Products in 36 Hours

    Amazon is celebrating their biggest global shopping event of all time as they sold 100 million products in 36 hours. During Prime Day 2018, Amazon Prime customers had exclusive access to more than 1 million products on the Amazon shopping portal. PCs and computer accessories was a top five...
  14. Pieter3dnow

    Sqenix E3 press conference

  15. Gilthanis

    9th Annual BOINC Pentathlon hosted by SETI.Germany

    This post will be updated throughout the event. Last year's thread - https://hardforum.com/threads/8th-annual-boinc-pentathlon-by-seti-germany.1929308/ https://www.seti-germany.de/boinc_pentathlon/start.php?&lang=en 05 May 2018 00:00:00 to 19 May 2018 00:00:00 5 disciplines 1 winner All teams...
  16. FrgMstr

    New Tesla Roadster Up Close and Personal

    If you have not seen some very beautiful pictures of the upcoming Tesla Roadster, feast your eyes. Thanks to Eshelmen for being kind enough to share! Enjoy the eye candy.
  17. R

    NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2018

    NVIDIA has published their financials from fiscal 2018, and they are as you would expect. NVIDIA had a record year with GAAP earnings up 41 percent from last year, making their revenue $9.71 billion. While the release does not say what areas NVIDIA had what gain in, Jensen Huang, founder and CEO...
  18. Gilthanis

    Tour De Primes 2018 (PrimeGrid)

    Tour de Primes 2018 Welcome to the 10th annual Tour de Primes. 2 is the first prime number...and the only even one. This makes it unique among prime numbers. Therefore, February is declared Prime month...being the 2nd month of the year. :) And there's no better way to pay homage to a prime...
  19. D

    A Picture I Took 2018 - 2019

    Happy New Year, everyone! Just went on a short birding trip over the weekend. Here's a pretty Eastern Towhee bird that decided to show himself. Now that I'm looking at the final picture, he kinda reminds me of Angry Birds, the game. :)
  20. Gilthanis

    DC Challenges 2018

    Year round DC-Vault Ongoing - DC Vault - Team Details - Team currently in 3rd place DC Vault 2 Suggested focus projects - SRBase & Rake Search 10/10/18 Formula-BOINC Year long challenge - www.formula-boinc.org/ -Team is in 1st place of League 2 -...