1. kamikazi

    FS: EKWB 3080/3090 Full Cover Block w/ Backplate for EVGA FTW3 $100 Shipped; Corsair XR5 240mm Radiator $40 Shipped

    I'm clearing out the old stuff I don't need or use anymore. Payment is by Paypal. My heatware is under kamikazi EKWB Quantum Vector EVGA FTW3 3080/3090 Nickel and Acetal with RGB full coverage water block with matching EK Black backplate $100 shipped and insured USPS I used this for about a...
  2. C

    a thick boi 120mm rad with fine fins?

    i see thicc radiators but, they all have low fin count. are there thick 120mm rads with finer fins?
  3. K

    Are these fans worth buying? What do you think?

    Cery cheap fans fr aliexpress with argb&pwm.
  4. T

    3D Printed Adapters

    Hello, I offer 3d Printed adapters for: C7 and LP53. They allow you to use any 92mm fans with them. https://www.thingiverse.com/theHACK/designs I also sell them at my online store: www.j-hackcompany.com 3d printed. Works great. Heatsink is 32mm. Adapter is 2mm, using Noctua's A9x14...