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    Steam 2014 Winter sale is here! runs from December 18th to January 2nd.

    Only bought one small game called To The Moon. Was quite enjoyable.
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    New speakers

    Well if the OP is going DIY, he better either get a kit or use a proven design. Even with good components, you design the crossover wrong and you can get a disaster. I am not even worthy of being considered a noob in DIY but even I know that much. If B00nie can suggest some good designs...
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    Downsizing my PC audio rig

    I would think so if they are using Scanspeak aircirc tweeters. You sound like you got them for an amazing deal too.
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    Downsizing my PC audio rig

    I think one possible small MTM design is the Anthony Gallo Strada. However they are very expensive (I think like $900 each) and don't know how good they are.
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    Is my setup correct?

    Are you getting a passive or active sub? If active, the sub will be self powered and the Lepai's main purpose will be to send the analog signal to the sub and speakers and power the speakers.
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    Need Amplifier advice

    Well if this is for your PC, you are going to be near field so watts shouldn't be too much of a problem. Don't know much about the Sherwood. Another option from A4L
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    Seeking spectacular sound setup

    Overkill is really a personal opinion and budget limit. Are you thinking of a speaker system or headphones?
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    Just curious: Why does your average person or gamer need a sound card in 2013?

    I think this depends on the person's taste and budget, as well as the weakest link. I often see people buying very expensive sound cards and then connecting it to cheap PC speakers at which point there is an imbalance. At some point the speakers will be so limiting, the improvement in the card...
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    Is my setup correct?

    That's great. So long as you like them, nothing else matters. Enjoy your new setup and keep us updated. :D
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    Budget 2.0 speakers for the wifey?

    You still may want to get her the A2s. Many people (including myself) felt they would never need good sound from their PCs until they get a nice set of speakers and then its like "OMG how did I live with such ***ty sound for so long?". I remember my wife used to make fun of gaming mice (who...
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    Is my setup correct?

    Speakers are a very personal thing so its a bit difficult to say what you like OP. Speakers like the Klipsch have always been characterized to have a "bright" sharp sound. If this is your preference then they would be good. Other speakers like I think the Swans active sets are said to have a...
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    Asrock Quality

    Another positive vote here. Extreme4 running well since last November.
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    Speaker selection for SB Zxr?

    Sounds good. Yeah they ain't no Logitech price. :D But those Emotiva speakers probably sound fantastic. I have seen people put very expensive Dynaudios, Adams, Genelecs and others on their PC so this would fall into that category. Give us a listening review if you get them.
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    Speaker selection for SB Zxr?

    Ascend Acoustics have always received good reviews and the Sierra-2s sound (no pun intended) interesting. If those are your 1st choice speakers you may want to wait for them. If I recall Sierra-1s were like $1k speakers pair. Are the 2s similarly priced and is this a price you are willing to...
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    Any opinions on Klipsch Synergy S-10? Compared to other 2.0 options?

    For Polk speakers, you can also try their factory direct outlet store on eBay if you are ok with eBay. They currently have the TSi100 for a immediate buy for $120.00...