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    Should I use NTFS or FAT on a 4GB solid state OS drive?

    Someone didn't read the title. :)
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    Gibson Claims Guitar Hero Games Violate Patent

    It's like having your cake and eating it too...
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    Google Gives All SF Homeless Free Voicemail

    Sadly thats what prevents a lot of great ideas like this from taking off. The potential for abuse.
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    DDR2 prices have gone down like 200% the past couple of months ??

    Lol, good point IMO, but yeah, DDR2 prices seem to be plummeting lately. I might have to pick up some more ram just because!
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    Project: First Timer--WC'd Stacker

    That is why you put something in between the inlet and outlet so that the water has to flow up and around it, that will also prevent a whirlpool effect.
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    Project: Logitech X530 speakers

    I must admit thats a pretty cool idea you had there. Edit: Can we see a workstation picture so we can see what the setup looks like now?
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

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    Jumping into Water Cooling a P180b Ver1.1 --Some Questions

    What I did was mount it in the front top part of the case cutting a hole big enough for the Rad Grill from AC Ryan.
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    Perpetual motion? Here's one to stump your friends...

    Such an easy form of energy does not exist nor can that exist based on the law of Conservation of Energy. We have to follow physics here without getting theoretical.
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    What does 600fsb?

    Yeah with a CPU handpicked out of probably thousands.
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    Road RagE II

    [H]ard|Forum > Real Life Stuff > General Mayhem > Cars/Motor Vehicles You are correct, but it requires membership to GenMay.
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    Project: Evolutionary

    Learned that in grade 10 math. ;)
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    DFI Launches LANParty UT P35 series...

    Just because they've had good products in the past doesn't mean they've mastered the C2D yet. Which I hope they do.
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    best canadian place to buy parts.

    QFT NCIX is probably the best canadian retailer. If they dont have the best prices they sure will price match,
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    CS:S on 2 computers.

    Where did he talk about pirated copies, he just asked about where he can buy Steam ID's...