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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    So sad.
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    Twitter Restores $50,000 @N Username

    Steve: Remember the guy that got screwed out of his @N handle with the help of PayPal and GoDaddy? Fixed that for you.
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    Gentle Typhoon AP-14 120mm Fan 1450rpm

    Jab-tech is about as cheap as you are going to find them. Aquatuning has them for ~$15, but not the AP-14s.
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    Gentle Typhoon AP-14 120mm Fan 1450rpm

    Just FYI: Wish you the best, but uh, yeah.
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    Seven Unbelievable 2014 Tech Predictions

    Honestly, why is such a trash article even linked?
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    Power but no display, urgent troubleshooting

    Modern Intel CPUs start with the memory channel farthest away from the CPU, there are *some exceptions* but in general, it will hold true on consumer, commercial and enterprise grade hardware. In this case, the memory channel to use first is actually clearly labeled as A2/B2.
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    [FS] Bare Intel 4P Rig - 900K+ PPD

    Awwww. :(
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    Mac Pro Has A 'Removable' Intel Processor

    These are all embedded offerings: LGA1155:,52277,65733,78167,78168 LGA1356/2011:,61428,64594,64616,67024,67025,67026 LGA1150:,75464,75467...
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    Salivating at work, all night.

    Well... I am at work right now... I do start a new job in two weeks... You're a horrible, yet local, influence Core32!
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    Is 620W enough to OC a 4770K?

    Yes, it would be enough.
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    Salivating at work, all night.

    No, sales actually ordered the wrong parts. They ordered these 2695v2s when they meant to order the 2667v2s.
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    Salivating at work, all night.

    Intel E5-2695v2 x4 ! Why won't they let me take them home and "test" them. :(
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    EVGA SR-X or SuperMicro motherboards

    Head over to the Distributed Computing subforum and find the link for IRC. A good portion of the group, including myself, hang out there. We should be able to answer questions for you.
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    HP G8 Microserver MOD (28TB)

    Those Pico PSUs absolutely will run the intended goal. :)
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    WTB : Intel E5 2680/2690

    Chehau, Looking for retail chips or spicy chips?