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    Matx Nas Case?

    Check out u-Nas. Currently out of stock but built my NAS in it and love it. I had a Node 304 prior but wanted more drives and hot swapability after dealing with a messed up array a few times. Also I just liked the faux Synology etc. NAS look vs. a non-descript tower. 8 drive chassis for...
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    Detailed Pin out for Skylake-X 2066?

    Honestly I wish I could know for sure wtf I did, if anything, to cause this so I can avoid it ... or whether it was just dumb (bad)luck at the Intel factory.
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    Detailed Pin out for Skylake-X 2066?

    Oh wow I didnt know that existed to be purchased by a consumer! But good lord this seems over my head as Ive only done simple non-PC soldering. Thanks for giving that info the second options seems more feasible and now another rabbit hole to explore. Appreciate the suggestion but I think you...
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    Detailed Pin out for Skylake-X 2066?

    Sad thing is that the test board was also X299! So its possible... I always did feel their x299 board was not on par to the z390 I have now but I just assumed it was due to the z390 being newer relatively speaking. Makes me want to seek out another board to test one last time before I totally...
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    Detailed Pin out for Skylake-X 2066?

    Wasnt intending this to be a troubleshoot thread but looks like its the only thing left since pin out is so elusive. Anyways I ruled it out by using another mobo I was able to borrow for testing. I had bought different 4x8 RAM kit as well so was able to test various combinations and I got the...
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    Detailed Pin out for Skylake-X 2066?

    bump for pics added... feel like Im grasping at nonsense... the "damage" was worse in my mind from when I remember it. Most likely cause I have the zoomed in pic in my memory. FYI I replaced this system a few months back with current "main" system and its been sitting after I ruled out RAM and...
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    Detailed Pin out for Skylake-X 2066?

    thanks yeah, I only asked here after some time spent on google searching and getting nothing. I will post the pics got caught up last night and didnt get to post but will tonight.
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    Detailed Pin out for Skylake-X 2066?

    Need some help with a problem I have. Im looking for the pin out for 2066. The system in question is below My current theory and why Im looking for a pinout is because the CPU had damage on one of the gold pads. It basically flaked off! First time anything like this ever occurred. I have...
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    I clearly dont need this but Im going to get one anyways because of the hype.. I hate you all.. but Im glad I live near a MC.
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    The division pc 80% off @steam

    buy it if you like these types of games. I got it and the season pass a few months back before they rescued this game for cheap and could see why everyone abandoned it. They have introduced so many new elements; fixed some of the weirdness to it and now its really fun. You just have to get over...
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    Ryzen 2700x a worthy upgrade for games from i5-6600k?

    You have MC nearby I say do it. Or wait another month for them to cut prices further and do it. They just took $10 off the price today after what a month on the market with a $50 combo discount. Maybe its just a temp sale not a permanent price reduction but I dont think these are moving very...
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    Der8auer X Lian Li PC-011

    Im holding out hope that they make a "special" edition in aluminum for about the same price as the original O11.
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    ASRock Mini-ITX - AB350 GAMING

    You want to buy the m.2 version of the wifi card. They are inside the case on a m.2 port that has antennas hookups on the rear i/o area. To replace you simply have to unscrew the bracket from below (backside of the mobo) and it will release. EZ to do but annoying because you have to take apart...
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    ASRock Mini-ITX - AB350 GAMING

    I have experience with both the Gigabyte and the AsRock AB350 ITX. The wifi cards in these AB350 boards were the el-cheapo versions. They are limited to 433 mbits? Intel 3165 is the model. I think whereas the X370 versions got the full dual band? 866 mbits. Intel's 8265 (Sorry dont know the...
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    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP

    The optimist in me wants to think they learned a lesson but the realist wants to agree with you... something quieter and harder to detect. Shadyness doesnt go away it just scurries under cover till the lights go out again and then they will be back.