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    Customized Controllers

    It seems like the console manufacturers could do a little to allow of cosmetic customization of controllers. If you look at what Motorola is doing with the Motomaker and the Moto X, I feel like a similar idea could work for the console manufacturers. I feel like that could be a way for...
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    Gamescom 2013 Discussion - PlayStation 4 Edition

    Link to the press conference: PS Blog
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    Moto X - "The first smartphone that you can design yourself."

    The wrap up refers to "Carrier bloatware" but I didn't see anything in the text about this. Is this just the standard stupid, non uninstallable apps like verizon backup? Or is he calling the Motorola voice features bloatware? I'd be surprised if they were going to release this super bloaty.
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    PS4 OS overhead uses 3.5GB of 8GB system RAM

    This makes some sense when coupled with the idea that the system is always recording your last 15 minutes of gameplay. That system is going to take some hardware along with fast switching and multi tasking. Compared with the current RAM limitations of the PS3 I think they have some room to...
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    The Last of Us. Did you get it? How do you like it?

    I thought the game was phenomenal. I loved how that world came together, and the atmosphere was amazing. I always loved finding notes lying around, and really loved the series of notes from Ish, the boat captain. I almost hope some of the DLC covers some of his story. It could be interesting...
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    Activate Hotspot Month to Month

    I've been thinking about getting a T-Mobile hotspot so I can test firsthand what their reception is like in the places I frequent. I want to just buy a hotspot outright from someone and activate it for one month. How does that work? Would I then buy a SIM from them and pick a plan? I have had a...
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    Stupid Android UI strikes again

    I have seen several articles today mentioning an exploit found in specifically the Touchwiz implementation in the Galaxy S II. I think the case against manufacturers proprietary user interfaces is mounting...
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    Slimmer PS3 model announced

    The 250GB console only (no game packed in) has to be $200 though doesn't it? It seems like they have been selling the PS3 for $250 for quite a while now. In long term preparation for the next console, they should be trying to get every last person who is curious about some current PS3...
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    Slimmer PS3 model announced

    I wanted to see the disc loader in action and I found this little video too. Rumors of new PSN layout I thought it was interesting that they are working on revamping the psn this late into the PS3 life. Maybe they are testing some new stuff for PS4?
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    Borderlands 2

    That sounds really fun. I have been doing that stuff in Borderlands just for the XP bonus you get for some of them. I picked my copy of Borderlands 2 up today on my lunch break. It will be hard not to jump right into it tonight without finishing the first one. Maybe I can come back to the...
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    Borderlands 2

    I think time will tell on that. I haven't read any reviews that really discussed much of that stuff. I hope the network issues that I've had troubles with on the PS3 version will go away.
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    Borderlands 2

    I downloaded Borderlands free from PS+ and have been really enjoying it so I decided to pre-order Borderlands 2. I don't usually like to do pre-orders because they really don't amount to much, however with Borderlands 2 one of the bonuses is the Mecromancer character who will be $10 when it...
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    The PS3 may never get Skyrim DLC dumb.

    I have seen a few articles various places where Sony seems to have put some dev resources towards this problem with Bethesda. I've read rumors a few times about Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica devs going around to help other studios with development so maybe this will help. I have still...
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    The Last of Us.

    I watched this video last night and at first thought it was the same old thing, but quickly saw where it was being played and presented a little differently. Its really impressive and I think it will be the last video I watch regarding The Last of Us. I'm sold, I don't need to overdo the...
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    Playstation Plus

    This makes some sense. A lot of the free games have some DLC you can buy or in the case of Borderlands, it is coming out a few weeks before its sequel. Im looking forward to playing for the first time because I never have gotten around to playing Borderlands.