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    X360 - Does it have the DICE chip?

    Yes I think so.
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    No more Antec fans!

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    jumped in feet first. my stuff, and a quick question

    Exactly what you said.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    This is a screenshot from the first PC that I ever bought. 500mhz, 100 RAM, yeah it's awesome.
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    Recommend me an MP3 player?

    I was going to say iPhone :p but then I saw it needs to be inexpensive. Just get an iPod shuffle.
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    Intel DG33TL micro ATX

    Well you probably won't be able to overclock it because it's an Intel board which they disable overclocking. The Asus and Gigabyte are much better because you can overclock on those.
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    Making a LAN cart ?

    Just do what f1y said, great idea :D
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    Please Recommend A Good Socket 775 CPU Cooler

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, best you can probably get.
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    I don't know what my problem is anymore...

    Yeah try putting the other PSU again, see if that does anything.
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    $1000-1400 Build

    Yes by custom built I mean build it myself
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    Best/Cheapest Place to buy cases online?

    Newegg has always been good for me.
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    $1000-1400 Build

    Ok thank you both.
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    Got a old Q6600 earlier... SL9UM (pack date: 4/20/07)

    3.0ghz is possible, but I'm not sure about 3.2ghz...unless you have good cooling.
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    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    10500 3D Marks 4962 SM 2.0 score 4807 SM 3.0 score 2382 CPU score
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    impulse buy...hope I did ok

    It was a pretty good buy, nothing wrong with it IMO.