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    Laptop doesn't work most of the time, even after recovery

    Hi, well my girlfriends laptop was infested with viruses which made it awfully slow so i decided to use the recovery partition and just wipe the whole slate clean. After the recovery, the machine was still really slow, windows setup (choosing areas, languages) even crashed a couple of times...
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    Visual Basic - Read Last Line of .txt then Split Problems!

    thanks a lot guys! i've got it working now, you guys are a lifesaver.
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    Visual Basic - Read Last Line of .txt then Split Problems!

    Hiya, Please forgive me if I'm making a fool of myself, I've never really touched VB before until now! I'm making a program which will display a wind turbine's power output. I'm taking that data from a control box's log file which is, i think a Tab delimited text file. The output of the...
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    6600 problem in games

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    Violent games have the same social status as p0rn?

    I like you attitude :) To be honest i don't see what the problem of porn is apart from turning us into horny men and lets be completely honest here. All men are horny. I believe that violent computers games are a method to relieve the stress and angst of everyday life. Seriously...
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    FF1.5 not loading flash and javascript

    Hiya guys, I got FF1.5 and now, when i go to websites like gamespot/cnet/ign where you can select what you want to see with the numbers, the whole interface does not load. It's the same with google video. No video loads. Everything works with IE though Any ideas?
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    Violent games have the same social status as p0rn?

    surely certain games have certain immoral issues surrounding it. For example, should we let our children shoot people in the head in F.E.A.R then watch their heads roll off? Some games even give children to fight against a certain nationality of people. Is that kind of exposure moral?
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    Violent games have the same social status as p0rn?

    It seems recently that Violent pc games are being attacked by the government, media and angry parents. They are trying to ban the sale of these games to minors and restrict them to adults. Surely this sounds like as if they are trying to turn violent games into a sort of taboo like p0rn these...
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    Any [H] Halo 2 players out here?

    look at my sig for my gamertag Good custom games: -bumper cars - players with vehicles try to splatter those on foot. those and foot cannot shoot -classic zombies - shotguns and swords -freddy vs jason - yellow spartans start with magnum but can't shoot and run away from the freddy and...
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    Having Trouble Getting Friends New System Running =(

    hmm could be a faulty cpu since it passes the memory check and it detects the graphics card. Sounds like when the computer is trying to access the cpu it can't, so it restarts
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    How many of you use your electronics as a means for heating a room.

    yep laptops are equally good when you're outside. Switch one on in the subway when you're cold and wahey, a portable heater
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    Bad iPod problem...

    that picture with the folder and exclamation mark is the equivilant of the BSOD, only it's irriversible. The Hard disk is gone
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    6600 problem in games

    would you believe it...i took the graphics card and gave it a good cleaning, replaced my zalman heatsink with the stock one, put it back and it worked. Strange stuff. thanks for the help guys