Laptop doesn't work most of the time, even after recovery


Limp Gawd
Oct 29, 2002
Hi, well my girlfriends laptop was infested with viruses which made it awfully slow so i decided to use the recovery partition and just wipe the whole slate clean.

After the recovery, the machine was still really slow, windows setup (choosing areas, languages) even crashed a couple of times. After several restarts, it managed to get through windows setup but it was still ridiculously slow.

I thought that the laptop must be on its last legs, but the other night, it suddenly worked fine for hours. Today though, it has decided to revert back to it's old state.

This has really confused me. Could it be dust inside causing temporary shorts? The only thing that remains from the recovery is all her images and files from my documents. I copied it over from C to D. Maybe some of these files contains a virus?

All i've got installed on her laptop is msn and the other software that is installed from recovery.

Any help will be much appreciated!


Aug 21, 2006
Its still got a virus. They can infect the recovery partition, that is one of the least secure ways to revert a computer's status.

Find a hard copy disc of her operating system, do a clean install and install drivers from the source. You'll see a huge improvement.