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    Replacement motherboard

    That would be awesome. I haven't gone this long without a decent computer for a really long time. I've been using this POS vista laptop for the last year. We have pretty fast windows 7 machines at work wihch is nice.
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    Replacement motherboard

    well i pulled a bunch of stuff from the hard drives so I know those work. I also have replacement ram so I can use that if the old ram doesn't work
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    Replacement motherboard

    no I have not
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    Replacement motherboard

    Ok so about a year ago, some orange soda got spilled on my computer on the back of it while it was running, so it only got on the motherboard (i think and hope). I turned it off right away and tried to clean it up the best I could. The system wouldn't boot. Just shows the windows screen...
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    Looking to upgrade my system, whats the besit I can do?

    And if you decide you want to upgrade the board, let me know. I have the exact same board and mine is fried and I'd like to drop in the exact board so I don't have driver issues, etc. ;) I had an e8400 running on mine which was fairly nice and good speeds for that old of a system and you...
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 s $298.00

    i look forward to getting mine in the mail on monday...not too concerned about the mic quality. That's the only "con" I found with this camera, but it's not a big deal to me.
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 s $298.00

    at that point you gotta look at pricing. You can either buy a really nice high end compact like the z28 or, for a bit more, buy an entry level DSLR. Depends on what you want it for and how big of a camera you want to carry around.
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 s $298.00

    they did a couple days ago yeah, but there's really nothing that fits as a successor to the fz28. Nothing with quite comparable specs. Definitely nothing with the zoom capabilities.
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 s $298.00

    my bad..I could have sworn i cut and pasted the link in there last night...maybe I forgot to hit "copy" first...heh Regardless, it's there now! Enjoy. I bought one and I'm going to buy a Canon sx10 if they drop below 300...
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 s $298.00

    The price of this camera dropped about 40 bux on newegg's site since earlier today, for anyone who is keeping an eye out. And if you bought it earlier today....that sucks, dude. You can find this camera a bit cheaper on some sites I've never heard of. We're talking like 10 or 15 bux...
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    Need New Gaming Mouse... Suggestions?

    When someone makes a mouse that's better than the mx518, I'll start recommending that one. Until then, it's still the mx518 I'll tell people to get. And the G9 is not better IMO.
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    [WARM] B2G1 Blu-Ray movies at Amazon

    Mariah Carey: The Adventures of Mimi FTW!!!
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    Killer NIC is $100 off at NewEgg

    I still can't afford one of these NICs after spending all my money buying every one of the Fatal1ty products so that I could be more awesome.
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    COD5 WOW... Not as good as COD4?

    I was in both the 360 and the PC betas and wasn't in a rush to get the full version of either. I finally got it for the PC at a LAN yesterday via Steam. Turns out nobody played it at the LAN so I spent a few maps playing online and the hit boxes still suck just like in the beta. However, the...
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    whats the big deal with GRID?

    I agree with everyone else...I dunno WTF you're babbling about. Game looks great and runs great on my system. The only way I could even get it to approach looking like NFS underground was to turn off all graphics options and set the resolution to 800x600. So maybe that's your problem :D