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    Favorite RPG of all time?

    Chrono Trigger is my favorite game ever, not just RPG.
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    CPU/MB deals @ Fry's

    The west, the south, Chicago, and Indiana...20 minutes up the road from me. :p
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    Thinking of making the switch to LCD...Need advice

    They're a little pricier and Newegg has a better financing deal.
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    Thinking of making the switch to LCD...Need advice

    I'm looking to make the switch too, so I'll get in on this also. My setup will be used for about an even split between gaming and design color accuracy is fairly important. I'm not sure if I want to go 17 or 19, either one is an improvement over the 17" (16 viewable) CRT I've got...
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    Question about memory interface

    I haven't really figured out what I'm looking for, which is why I had that question. As I'm looking for AGP right now, I've seen the 6600s, the 6800GSs, the X800/Pros, and each one is radically different from one another and I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at. I'm not a hardline...
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    Question about memory interface

    What is the real-world difference between 256-bit and 128-bit interfaces if all other things are close to equal? I'm looking to make a minor upgrade and I've found several 128MB cards with a 256-bit interface, 256MB cards with a 128-bit interface, and 256MB cards with a 256-bit interface. Do...
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    I thought it was a lot of fun. I might have to fire it up when I get home from work tonight.
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    Verizon $14.95 deal going bye-bye

    Actually, that's standard. Most people get slightly above what they're provisioned for. Most of the time, the 1.5Mb lines are actually 1.6, the 3Mb lines are 3.66, and the 768 lines are usually 864.
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    Verizon $14.95 deal going bye-bye

    That one's not gonna be $20 (I think it's 35.99 or 39.99, I don't work in billing), but I've never seen anything provisioned for less than 768 on the 3meg line.
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    Verizon $14.95 deal going bye-bye

    The fastest in most places is 3Mb/768Kb. That's not part of the $14.95 package though. There are some places that have a 7Mb downstream line. As far as I know, it's only in areas near Boston.
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    Verizon $14.95 deal going bye-bye

    I work for VOL. The deal is that since we've had this stupid fucking promotion, we've had almost a million people sign up. There isn't enough capacity in most COs. Try to place your order but don't be surprised if it never goes through.
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    Becoming a profesional gamer

    Jobs suck. Johnny Ramone said "Being a guitar player in a rock band is the coolest job ever, but it's still a job." You'll never be happy with what you do for a living, but it is possible to not hate it. I strive to reach that goal someday.
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    Are Cinematics Ruining Games?

    If I'm playing a game, it's because I want to play a game. If I want to watch a movie, I'll watch a fucking movie.
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    Best SNES RPG of All time.

    Chrono Trigger is my favorite. The rest aren't even close.