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    Raja Koduri Discusses Leaving AMD for Intel in Interview

    AMD managed to catch Intel in the CPU space despite all the inherent disadvantages Raja laments over. Intel was lazy and allowed AMD to catch up. Nvidia, on the other hand, is not lazy. RTX may be overpriced, and the tech may be a node too early, but Nvidia continues to fire on all cylinders and...
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    Steam Gives Successful Developers a Larger Cut of Game Revenue

    20% should be the normal cut across the board now, with it dropping to 10-15% after a certain sales revenue is met. 30% is ridiculous. If Valve has the foresight to keep future (massive) hits like Fortnite on their platform, they need to adjust their costs more than this. If they had been at...
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    AMD Pledges to Improve Ryzen Mobile Driver Support

    How many times now has AMD pledged better driver support for laptops? They are absolutely ridiculous when it comes to driver support with graphics for end users not on desktops.
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    NVIDIA Ampere GPU Rumored for April Launch

    If Nvidia is smart, and unfortunately they are, these new cards will have extremely high MSRP prices until the mining craze drops down. Nvidia is not going to let Newegg and it's partners have the lions share of the profit. Expect the GTX 2080 to be 50% faster than the GTX 1080 and carry a...
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    ASUS ROG STRIX RX Vega 64 O8G GAMING Video Card

    So much for Vega and this gen of AMD cards being a fine wine. Polaris gained maybe 5% ground vs. the 1060, and Vega hasn't gained any ground over 1080. Essentially the same speed while sucking down 80% more power and absolutely no headroom. OCing cards on this node has been crappy, but Vega...
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    Samsung GDDR6 in Production

    512 gb/s on a 256-bit bus, and 768 on a 384-bit bus. Very nice!
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    Lets do the video card shuffle.

    If you want to sell the GTX 980, PM me!
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    Installing MS-DOS on a 2017 Gaming PC

    So many good memories in this thread!
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    Will we see a GTX 11xx series in 2017?

    I'm predicting March 2018 for GV104, June or July for GV102- based Titan.
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    AMD Vega prices to cost significantly more than expected

    Nah I'm fine with the power requirements. Like I said, commitnto better engineering. Only one of the two companies have issues with the power specifications for PCIe.
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    AMD Vega prices to cost significantly more than expected

    With GDDR6 on the horizon, a 256 bit card will have up to 448 gb/s of bandwidth. A 384 bit card will have 672 gb/s. I just don't see a need for HBM in the consumer space if yields and prices are every bit as bad as people say. It's not worth saving 15 watts. A better solution is to just better...
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    AMD Vega prices to cost significantly more than expected

    There needs to be an LOL button beside the like button, because Vega threads are full of LOLs.
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    Vega Rumors

    Oh so bad. I thought for sure Vega 56 would have a clear, albeit small, lead over GTX 1070. But if that graph is translated correctly.... this is overwhelmingly bad. Vega 64 will be 10+% slower than 1080 on average (except for DOOM and maybe one or two other games), and Vega 56 will be neck and...
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    Vega Rumors

    Looking at charts is faster than skimming through a video, based on my experience.
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    Vega Rumors

    Video-based video card reviews suck anyway.