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    1080 Ti Extreme 799.99

    I can't imagine $800 for a video card, even $400 is a lot. I have $120 gfx card and most games I throw at it are very playable.
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    MazeTrace - a maze game in your browser, nothing flashy or fancy but it works. no sign up.
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    Maze Trace - a short mobile web game is a different take on the maze genre. I don't think its a hugely popular genre anyway.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Overwatch. Also checking out SummonStrike....has few players, but am able to play at work :x
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    Blizzard Hiring Senior Software Engineer

    no kidding! sometimes my coworkers and I play summander at lunch
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    whats your power bill each month?

    around $200 these colder months
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    Alternative Remote Desktop Client?

    logmein bro
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    my extended pc....

    wow nice rig
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    GTX 580 3dm VANTAGE High, ISSUES

    never seen this...
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    stubborn memory overclock, temperature issues?

    temps aren't bad
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    Any dates on mATX AM3 boards?

    I also need a date on an AM3 mATX motherboard. I suppose the manufacturer's are going to wait until their AM2+ inventories start running low before they ship AM3...
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    DDR2 Notebook Memory Prices

    Can anyone speculate as to when DDR2 laptop prices will drop in price? DDR2 667 Specifically....
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    Is the X1700 a good mobile gaming card?

    I have an Asus A8JP.....has an X1700 and I play HL2 , CS:S with no problems......everything maxxed out. Haven't tried a newer game like company of heroes however...
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    32" HDTV $499

    Think of Konka as "technology by farmers". I kid you not. Horrible LCD TV anyway. Want something good, look to Sony's WEGA or Bravia line.