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    I'm contacting in regards to my original account "Ski" being banned because it was hacked. As you can I've been a member for over 10 years and been an active member throughout that time period.

    If there's a way to unban it, what are the steps moving forward and I'll be more than happy to help.

    Hi, I purchased a Das Keyboard in 2016 from you and I was curious as to whether you could supply the original order number/date, so that I may request a well out of warranty repair/RMA for the USB hub on the keyboard. Heatware under Streiw to verify.
    Hey. I purchased that keyboard at a gaming event second hand sometime in 2014. Unfortunately I wouldn't have been able to provide you with that information even at the time I sold it to you 6 years ago. Sorry about the USB hub, good luck.
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    No problem, doesn't hurt to ask. I can repair it myself, but figured I'd try my luck with Das.
    Is there any obscure possibility that you have the Voodoo Aria case still? I had to ask!
    Ha! I sold it on ebay...didn't make that much money after shipping but I'm certain whoever bought it did something nice with it. Thanks for asking.
    I hope so! They havent released their coverage plans yet, but I've signed up to do whatever I can to convince them to put it into my place!

    Just saw your reflow guide on a DV2000 that you posted last year, it's a brilliant guide. I was wondering if you could offer a bit of advice. I've got a compaq f500, think it's a HPG6000 clone and its got a problem with the wifi switch not activating and the card not appearing in device manager.

    I looked on the net and there are loads of people with the problem, and one guy said its the chip next to the gpu which needs reflowing. I was wondering if you've had any experience with this mode and if this is what you did to get the wifi working again?


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