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    Help with weird laptop charging behavior

    I have an older laptop, first gen i3. Battery was replaced several months ago with an aftermarket battery which has been in use for about 4 months. Charger is an OEM HP unit and I have also tried another OEM HP charger to test whether or not the problem is the charger. Replacing the charger...
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    How to install fans in PC case

    One thing to keep in mind is that with multiple radiators in a case there is some built in inefficiency. There's really no way around the fact that in order to get air flow through the case, some of the radiators will need to be exhausting warmed air into the case which will then be used for...
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    PSU wattage rating

    -12x.95 equals -11.4. Your 12v reading exceeds the 5% spec variance always quoted as the standard. 3.3x.95 equals 3.135 volts. Your PSU is putting out 2.7 volts. Your PSU is significantly out of spec. I certainly would not use it on a system you cared anything about. As drescherjm suggested, you...
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    OCZ SSDs - Why are they so bad?

    Toshiba bought OCZ out in 2013 and retained the OCZ brand name. Not sure how well they are doing but personally, I don't here of anyone on enthusiast forums using their SSD products. Looks like Toshiba also markets SSDs under their own brand name...
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    Hard Drive Dock not working properly

    I would also check with the manufacturer and see if there is a firmware update for the dock. If so, that may correct the issue with Windows 10. Also, have you tried it on a USB 2.0 port? Sometimes you can buy stuff that is advertised as "USB 3.0 compatible" but that is different than USB 3.0...
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    NTFS drive turned to RAW

    Yes, it sounds like that USB 3.0 port is giving up the ghost. I would tape that one off and not use it.
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    2TB SSD from WD or Samsung

    You can't go wrong with either drive. Both are excellent products with reputable brand names behind them. Any performance difference will not be noticeable in real world computing. If the warranties are the same, go with the less expensive one. Edit: But maybe you should read this first...
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    Looking for some quality Hard drives to update my laptop

    First, do you have a budget? The Samsing Evo series (both SATA and NVME) is very popular, has a long warranty (5years v. 3 years for cheaper products) and consistently out performs most other brands in benchmarks. Having said that, I would also add that they are more expensive than other brands...
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    Optane M10 64 GB memory

    I would use optane only if my system drive needed to be larger than 2TB in order to hold all my programs and data. Otherwise, an SSD will have the advantage of somewhat better performance and simplicity.
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    RX 5500 Desktop GPU?

    From a processing power standpoint he 5500XT is pretty much the equivalent of the Rx580 which can be had for a modest outlay.
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    Keep my PSUs or toss them?

    Agree with tool_462.. I always keep an assortment of build components around for troubleshooting.
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    Is Corsair still a good brand for PSU?

    I think all the major PSU companies these days turn out products that fit within multiple quality categories and use different manufacturers for different product lines which is subject to change at any time. So it may not be wise to rely on any given brand name. Each unit needs to be tested on...
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    PSU wattage rating

    Budget PSU wattage ratings are usually based on peak power output (i.e., what it can handle in short bursts) whereas quality PSU wattage ratings are based on sustained load power output.
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    Ryzen 3900x fails prime 95 with stock settings

    There seems to be more reports of compatibility issues with Corsair on the Ryzen platform than other brands. GSkill is the best bet.
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    best thermal paste for ryzen 5 3600 with stock cooler?

    Liquid Metal TIM is very risky when used on the outside of the CPU IHS. It tends to flake off and sprinkle itself all over the motherboard when you try to remove the cooler.