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    What do you do if your server has been hacked?

    No the tinfoil comment was the which protocol is better security banter. Tell me the exact reasoning behind RDP is unsafe to use? I understand VPN as a good security, but most enterprises have it set to auto-run on "field" units at boot so as the person who just go the free laptop from...
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    What do you do if your server has been hacked?

    Take off the tinfoil. Limit RDP connections to just 1 or 2 accounts. No need t be opened up to the Domain Users group. RDP is safe as any other remote accessing applications. I have seen ssh exploited in linux installs like CentO/S due to default root account settings. The person installing...
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    Holy smacktard Batman!

    Holy smacktard Batman!
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    Piracy -- No longer an excuse imo

    Nailed it. Modern day pirateer = shoplifter in 1985.
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    Whitehats Hack Chrome Browser

    Most programs will have vulnerabilities eventually. Especially after major patches. This is common place. Also the WhiteHats like to seperate themselves from the BlackHats. I assume you all know who the BlackHats are. They went off on Cisco a few years back when cisco took a shot at them...
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    Google's First Chrome OS Laptop Preview

    Still a variation of gOS they had 3 yrs ago. Poor at best. Quote of the article:
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    Apple Owes Steve Jobs $37.91

    If you live in California you are part of the problem. A Google and Facebook ran society that preys upon the upper middle class. Fix your shit. I think Californians shouldn't be allowed to vote for the National stage. They obviuosly like Movie Stars (Schwarz) and nut jobs (Pelosi) over...
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    Does linux require an antivirus??

    Yes you should have Anti-Malware software. Possibly not for you, but to not spread disease.
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    accessing offsite server? vpn?

    You can go with this guy's Sonic wall NSA 2400 for 2k each or the Juniper for 16k and be happy as clams. That is if you wanted to go with brand new comps, untangle ISO, and a couple hours for 1k and have all locations(3) connected like a snap securely. This guy prolly missed the part.
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    accessing offsite server? vpn?

    Listen to this man. Best advice so far. Untangle and be done. RDP is secure. VPN can be secured at different levels and can be set up to be worse than RDP. Untangle can connect box to box sites easily through openVPN via encryption. Again I would say Untangle and be done.
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    Mail Server Configuration

    All of your ports are closed as of 5 mins ago. Remember the K.I.S.S. principle. Until your ports are open, nothing you do will work. Resolve one issue then go on to the next. Unlike virus cleaning, you cannot use a big hammer approach because changing one setting may affect another...
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    Leading PC Companies Move to All Digital Display Technology

    I think there was sarcasm missed there. Good to know. I mean DP has been around for a long time, and it is sweet running audio and video through HDMI instead of 2 cables.
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    Mmmm, Mouthwatering Meaty Manger for Baby Bacon Jesus

    So what he is saying is that you can bake your Jews and eat them too? Just fkn wrong.
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    GameStop Denies Trade, Says Game Might Be Stolen

    I think it is more about seeing what is in the box and not ownership in general. Celophaned games do look suspicious, but one can usually spot a reprinted dvd or blank dvd when you can open the box.
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    Google Unwraps Chrome PCs Too Late for Holidays

    Reviews of Google Chrome OS are pretty dismal. It is a tweaked linux portal to google apps. start sarcasm/ Woo-fukn-Hoo! /end sarcarsm