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    Should Vendors Close All Security Holes?

    The bottom line is that as long as the world is willing to put up with the results of security holes, then they will remain in the current state of affairs. Remember the whole windows xp service pack 2 thing? microsoft was sitting on a ton of the holes fixed in xpsp2 since windows 2000 that...
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    Do We Really Need a Security Industry?

    Well, the reason as to WHY it took that long is a lot more complicated than that simple one line explanation. All of the code that was written from 2001 to 2003 on the original build of longhorn was pretty much thrown out once the new project lead was brought in to Microsoft to get the...
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    Do We Really Need a Security Industry?

    We need to turn the comments on this article in to the analogy game. For example, we already have "if cars were made better, we wouldn't need mechanics" and the Ross Perot throwback about people behaving. I personally like: "If we just figured out gravity, there wouldn't be any airplane...
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    Student Suspended For CS Map

    Hm, racial profile? I grew up in Alief, and half the kids I went to church with went to Clemens (we were right on the county line). I always felt like there was some kind of wierd up tight mentality with Fort Bend. An interesting piece of trivia: this school district is within the same...
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    MySpace More Popular Than Porn?

    I don't know... I know more than a few people who troll mySpace looking for a potential lay, whereas you know the pron sites are only going to give you pictures and video.... seems like a no brainer. More evidence to the point: how many fake porn ads have you seen in invite messages on...
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    15 Great Free Utilities You've Never Heard Of

    There were a couple things I had never heard of, but a few things I was familiar with. The thing that bugs me about this article was the glaring omissions of utilities that have appeared in Maximum PC, like spacemonger and a few others which most PCmag readers have likely never heard of.
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    R600 - 610 - 630 Question on HDMI Audio

    Chalk up another "wasted on me" tally. I don't own a single display with HDMI, nor a receiver with HDMI (I am assuming these exist, but question why they would even sell since copy protection restrictions would prevent the video signal from being down-converted to analog, and a display with...
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    Hackers Sell IDs For $14?

    "Sheesh, you went through all the trouble of stealing someone’s identity, you should at least go for $15 don’t you think?" What trouble? The automated worm prorogation that parses all the usual places for user data, then e mails them back home where a script pulls out the goodies from the...
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    Becoming the Family The Support Guru

    Well, then that makes more sense when you put it that way.... my goal with tech support and the family has become: only let them believe the facts I WANT them to believe. This way I can stave off the inevitable questions, such as "oh, there's a different version of XP called professional? Is...
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    MySpace Worm Writer Charged

    I'm sorry, what was the damage he caused? Showing that the MySpace web developers did not properly check their user generated code? I seem to recall he never tried to hide what he was doing, and his little exploit never actually placed any malicious code on anyone's computer. I honestly...
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    Microsoft Wanted To Whack Dell?

    I read a few accounts of the environment in Redmond, particularly the difference between a Microsoft employee and a Microsoft contractor. Mostly it was about how as a contractor, you get treated like a second class citizen, but the one thing I found most interesting in the editorial was an...
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    Movie Piracy From Canada

    Beat me to the chase....
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    Gates vs. Jobs

    There's an article floating around out there about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation charities and where their money is going, and comparing that to the overseas third world investments that Bill gates has made personally. As it turns out, Bill is investing in some of the companies that are...
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    windows services and performance

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    Replacing Bot Infected PCs

    QFT Now the person has a faster computer with more memory, so they don't notice the slowdown from the bot running in the background. This is one of those "Hey, well at least... blah blah blah" kind of marketing spin observation that really has no real truth in the long run. The problem is...