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  • Diablo 3 is fun, most of the bad points from launch have been fixed with updates and the expansion. I get addicted to it for a week or two then don't play it for a while. Never heard of Battleblock Theatre, I'll look into it. I have Terraria but haven't really played it, but it looks fun. We should play BF4 sometime, I have it on PC. I forget my battlelog ID though, what's yours? Also I should add you on Steam as well. :)
    Congrats on the overclock! I haven't played much, mainly just Diablo 3. I plan to jump into BF4 when I upgrade, otherwise I have a big steam backlog to clear.
    Sounds like a pretty sweet system! Are you going to overclock it at all? What games are you playing these days?
    Nice, what parts are you going with? I haven't upgraded in forever, still running an x58 based system. I plan to upgrade in a few months when x99 and Haswell E come out.
    Hey Syribo! I'm still around, will probably be on this site forever. I'm doing well, how about you?
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