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    graphics problems win8.1 9800gtx

    finally figured it out. It was the 3D setting that gets installed when you select all the defaults. thanks for everyones suggestions.
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    graphics problems win8.1 9800gtx

    I tried the last 4 revision from nvidia including the beta drivers.
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    graphics problems win8.1 9800gtx

    Just updated my pc to windows 8.1 and I am having graphic problems. When I launch dota2, everything seems to be normal until i get into the game. While in game the characters are not visible, they are clear mirages or sparkling images. Im on the latest drivers from nvidia. 340.52
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    WIndows XP Retirement Nightmares

    my nightmare? the helpdesk and desktop client support group, pushing ghost cast images over the lan and wan, then come complaining to me that the network is slow. (multi casting over our WAN...FML) Some of our remote sites only have a 5mb connection. Second, using ms sccm to push out full...
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    Good Firewall with 1 Gbps port for under $1k?

    good bang for the buck with a semi easy interface to learn...fortinets...(please Network admins, forgive me since I recommended this) For my house, small offices where I am on a tight tight budget, fortinets give you a fw,ids,ips, webfilter.
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    Top of Rack L2 switch

    refurbs cisco 3750x go about 2k. PM me and I can give you our vendor
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    Firewall Recommendation

    Fortinet, offers some cheap AIO packages for around 1500 bucks.
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    LogMeIn No Longer Free

    this post just ruined my day...FML
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    picked up my A+ this morning, network+ is next

    CBT Nugget is all you will need. That was my first cert I studied for and passed.
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    Would my internet speeds benefit from getting a new modem or router?

    The modem you have is a DOCSIS 2, most cable service now provide DOCSIS 3 modems. My friend pays for a 12mbps down speed service and he was getting around 10 with a docsis 2.0 modem. He upgraded his modem to a sb6121 and got 15 mbps although he pays for a 12mbps service. So it really depends...
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    Switch from AMD to Intel, do I need to reinstall windows?

    quick answer: Yes you can get away without reformatting (not a best practice)
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    Should I use my PCI nic or onboard?

    Your onboard NIC. The pci card is only 100mb while the onboard is a GB
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    Going to college in a couple of years, need some help from you guys.

    heh, Im one test away from my MCITP EA, SA....just real real real lazy to study for it. Instead of taking the upgrade test MCSE to MCITP route I wanted to take each test individually and boy did that killed me for months
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    Rename Activate Directory

    domain.lan is typically what I have used for my few companies. However my current one uses Good thing I dont manage the forest. ;)
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    Help settle a dispute

    Just compromise and do both!