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    Mushkin vs. Crucial

    I bought GSkill memory twice now for my Mac, and they to worked very well. Just because Apple uses the so called approved memory from Crucial, does not mean other brands are no good or not as good...
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    Potential iPhone 5 screen size?

    iPhone 5 for me would be around 3.5 / 3.7 / or 4.0 with the same form factor. Anything that has a larger form factor, and I look else where. ;) And I have large hands. Had the Galaxy S2 with the 4.3 inch screen and it did not feel comfortable in my hands. :(
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    Question about a future build or a Mac Mini

    My MacMini 2011 with the 5400 rpm Hdd does not crawl at all for what I do. Simple games, word programs, Internet, email, YouTube and the like. I went back and forth about getting a Mac Mini with the 7200 and glad I selected the 5400 after reading other members with same and they reported that...
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    Only thing that changed on New IPad is the screen

    Also includes the dedicated Voice Dictation button on the keyboard for iPad 3
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    Midrange 24" IPS for digital Design work (Dell u2412m, HPZR24, HP2440w)?

    Here is another review of the U2412 if interested........
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    Official: iPad 3 - 7th of March

    Silly question. Of course we are going to buy one ;) Now waiting to the official price.
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Thoughts?

    Here is Android FEB 2, 2012 review while you wait for some members to weigh in
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    Good USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    I have three Corsair Flash Voyager 3.0 thumb drives and thus far (5 months) no hiccups to report.
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    I take back everything positive I've ever said about the Macbook Air.

    We really do not know how you carried this notebook and cannot say one way or the other, that you may have mis-handled it. This is why I always purchase an accidental insurance policy or my home/renters insurance will cover this. You should have done some home work on this prior to any...
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    Satellite phones

    Unless you really have a need for one and do a lot of traveling in remote areas, than think again $149.00 on up to and over $500...
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    10.7.3 is out today

    No issues with my download, applications or anything else with the new update. Unknown why some others do have the issues. My MacMini is new, apps are for Lion iOS, and any programs are also new/Lion approved. :) WiFi is good along with monitor behaving as it should. According to some...
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    Bought a Mac Mini last night - Must have software?

    OP needs/wants, maybe dramatically different than yours, so that list is useless for the OP until he gets a handle as to what he really needs. I just got iWorks for business and that was it, until something I wanted to do, and Lion was unable, than I would ask the community what application...
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    Why dumb phone might be valuable, soon

    My wish is for a smartphone that would have a decent call quality, great camera, GPS, email (For business people) and maybe texting. I would never need a smartphone for music, or games, since having these on a small screen and low sound quality would be a waste and I have the home computer for...