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    All Digital Xbox One S Could Launch May 7

    This way, Microsoft can still charge full price for a game that's 4yrs old.. cause it will never loose it's value..
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    Ubisoft Releases Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Launch Trailers

    Game is fun as hell.. Some crossroads in this city are deadly never-ending waves of fighters tho... Found that out terribly bad when A 10min fire fight ended in my death by being over-run with what seemed like endless waves of pissed off Hyena's.
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    Nintendo Launches Labo VR Kit

    Nintendo can sell anything.. except a system with Modern online...
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    Dell 7567

    SSD's like the Samsung 860 EVO should work just fine. Got my a wife the G7 15 7588 and it worked fine. Just need to format it and give it a drive letter. Easy as pie.
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    Troubleshooting dead laptop

    get a new AC Adaptor?
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    Microsoft Workers Protest $480M Army Contract with Tech "Designed to Help People Kill"

    LOL Lets loose out on 480M... Excuse me Sir.. do you HAVE 480M in your bank account to compensate if we pull out? If not.. Sit and shut up.
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    Turbo boost on laptop

    Sounds like to me good old HP never learned from the early 2000's that they need a better cooling solution. My HP DV9535NR had heating issues and I NEVER went back. my Alienware has the i7 7700HQ and no issues with temps at all (max to 68'C). Either that, or the heatsink itself is uneven...
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    Alienware Co-Founder Frank Azor Discusses Intel Graphics and Women in Gaming

    Can honestly hope Alienware get's back to the basics.. building top notch computers, pushing performance, and crushing with top notch quality builds. As far as building with women in mind...slender curves, thin.. and appealing would be how they would male the hardware but maybe Looking into it...
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    There's Allegedly a "Quiet Hostility" Between Apple and Nvidia

    Apple is quietly trying to impose their own GPU and CPU's...Who's surprised??? Tho in the long run, it will only bite themselves in the ass, but hey.. Will more allow them to charge exuberant amounts of money ontop of their system for subpar performance due to it being an all apple product.
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    First-Ever 2020 Toyota Supra Sells for a Whopping $2.1 Million

    What I find funny.. is how this only makes 365ish horsepower... 2019 Subaru WRX STi makes 310, with 2 less cylinders.. using an Engine that is pretty much 20yrs old.... Let down.. but at least the Supra is back right? Smartest thing would be to use the Mark IV Engine, and carry advancements...
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    Here Is the Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Story Trailer

    I found it a blast in the Alpha, once you found people to play with. To those that complain about eye candy.. DC has a lot of it.. Just need to know where to look. At least, it Did when I was doing the Alpha test. I bought Div 1 for PS4, and got DIV free, also with my Alienware purchase (17 R3).
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    Slightly Mad Studios Reveals the Final Design of the Mad Box

    I kinda like that it's RGB, Kinda like that it displays what your playing.. beyond that.. Stupid. Pass.. good luck.. all those steam machines like others have posted are gone.. this will go the same way.
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    Here are AMD's Radeon VII Benchmarks

    Pretty sure it's the fact that they.. who make said Ryzen CPU's, aren't even bothering to promote their CPU's with their GPU's for best performance... Which IMO.. is Kinda funny that they used Intel over their own product to show off how good there other product is.. they simply used the...
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    The Division 2 PC Features and Specifications Have Been Released

    While I cannot fully comment, I did get SLi to work with Division 1.. tho the frames were fine for me in alpha running 2 1080 Ti's tho there was no way with telling if SLi was on given I only had a short time to play. Think you'll be fine. It was smooth as butter on the highest settings with my...