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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Multiplayer Clip

    Wow, it's almost as if the game is already on the shelves, and you guys have already played it!
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    after market cooling on your 5850? What did you use? Stock plate left on?

    Did this to my 5850 yesterday: Idles at 48c, load 90c in furmark @ stock. Very silent though. Some case ventilation improvements are on the way :)
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    3 Displays with HD 5800

    So, you have a 58xx, and four monitors, but can't afford 775SEK for the converter?
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    Please help with Crossfire

    Catalyst AI has to be on, or "advanced" or something, I think.
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    Aw, why did I have to see this? :D
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    Someone is about to get fired for these pics

    Mmm, crispy!
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    Eyefinity active adapters

    Bummer. Ebay?
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    Eyefinity active adapters

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    How many cases have you gone through the past year?

    Well, one. Before this Fractal Design Define R2, I had an Addtronics 7896a for about 8 years :D
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    No Answer for the 5970?

    I doubt nVidia stopped working on the post-Fermi generation(s) of cards just because of the delay. We could be looking at a short generation, perhaps? Edit: Maybe I should read your entire post before replying :o
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    Eyefinity and Triple DVI working.

    Bezels really aren't a problem, especially with the 10.3 bezel management. However, I wouldn't recommend using just 2 monitors, since your focus/crosshairs shouldn't have a bezel straight through it.
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    Why is there so much hype around latest Fermi vid?

    I think it's interesting because of what it didn't show, you know, like, real games. Also, the two examples of 3D surround that I have seen don't show the game in real action, just "sitting still". Edit: Nevermind that, 3d vision surround seems to be alive and kicking :)
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    Ok, so I've tried both ATI and nVidia

    Yeah, I'm planning on getting either an Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev. 2 or an Accelero Twin Turbo Pro :)
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    Ok, so I've tried both ATI and nVidia

    I had a 8800gts 320 before I got my 5850, and yes, 5850s are just louder. Changing the fan speed curve with MSI Afterburner made it bearable. A 5970 would be about twice as fast as a 5850 assuming it actually works with your game.
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    Best Silent video card?

    Powercolor is releasing a passively cooled 5770: