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    Banned from the forums for disagreeing with flash ads and not lying about it.

    Banned from the forums for disagreeing with flash ads and not lying about it.
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    Ad Revenues Hit Nearly $7 Billion in Q1

    Ditto. I don't use adblock but I won't let HardOCP's horrible flash garbage ruin my internet surfing experience. Stop hosting ads that give me a headache and I'll let noscript run that garbage and you can make your money.... Or better yet, just keep whining and complaining Kyle, Steve, et...
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops will have Dedicated Servers

    On CoD5 who were you playing with? 'Cause if you played on my server and hacked anything either I, or one of the other 2 admins would ban you. And if there wasn't an admin around you'd get booted by vote. None of that can happen on MW2. You play with a hacker and you're just plain old...
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    Leaked GeForce GTX 465 Information

    Looks like this card is crap with no reason to purchase it at all. Too bad Nvidia is having such a hard time competing. I don't like to upgrade unless there is actual competition going on. It seems like we only get really good prices on cards when we have actual competition. That and most...
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    Will Net Neutrality Drive Up Internet Access Prices?

    So if I don't want Comcast's 1mb connection I pay $50 a month for then... what? I can't get DSL so I can go to dial-up. Or a horribly-shat lag connection from a satellite provider for waaaaay more money? How come when my city tried to lay their own lines they were sued by Comcast? Because...
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    Adobe’s Open Letter To Apple

    Because every week they find a new super critical security flaw....
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    Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options

    None of you people have actually gone in and tried to set all those privacy settings, have you? How about you go do it before you shit in the thread, and then imagine how a regular person is supposed to figure this stuff out. You know, the same person who has 5 different "toolbars" installed...
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    When did Apple Become Uncool?

    Go read this thread, we are not talking about the iPhone vs. the iPad. I think you may just be one of the 25% of the population that is mentally retarded. Even in your own post, which I quoted, you talk about the PC and someone, somehow installing Adobe Acrobat 3 on their machine. You failed...
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    When did Apple Become Uncool?

    When you are 65+ years old and want to get on the Internet do you really think people go, "Should I get an iPhone or an iPad?" No, the vast majority of the population consider all their options, not just what Apple product should I buy... It's gonna just be you and the other cultists who can...
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    When did Apple Become Uncool?

    My 92 year old grandmother uses her PC just fine. She's online with google talk right now and if she needs help I don't have to drive 45 minutes there and back, I just use this magic PC thingy called remote desktop. I do it every two weeks and make sure her computer stays nice and clean...
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    Leaked Phenom II X6 1090T BE Benchmarks

    That isn't 6 core / 6 threads @ 4.2 GHz, it's 4 core / 4 threads that is nearly keeping up with a 4 core / 8 thread Intel processor. Also for the previous two posters go read the thread and you'll discover that the price is indeed $200 and $300 for the unlocked BE. Sounds like they priced...
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    16-Year-Old Accuses Mom of Facebook Slander

    The article isn't about that and posting on facebook that you were speeding doesn't somehow grok the police evidence that you were speeding. Also speeding tickets don't usually result in having your license taken away. There are places out here in the west were there are NO SPEED LIMITS but...
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    13 Glaring iPad Shortcomings

    He listed the differences in parentheses just to the right of the apple product. Just need to read a little bit more... Still not sure what this product is actually for. I mean what can it do better or cheaper then anything else?
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    13 Glaring iPad Shortcomings

    I think the most damning thing you can say about it is when you look at the purchase economically. Instead of an Ipad you can get any number of alternate devices to fulfill the same requirements for less money. And these alternates will do a better job. Basically the Ipad is just another...