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    ROG live services

    I am not sure if this is the place to post this but I'm having a battle between Ubisoft launcher and my ROG live services. Ubisoft thinks that it's a cheat so I can't launch unless I turn it off. This is my second ROG motherboard and Ubisoft had no problem with my last pc but it's not having...
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    good Antivirus software that doesn't hog resources

    Years ago I asked for a recommendation on this very website and was given replies from several that Eset nod 32 was the best. I went with them then and never changed, although I think they just go by Eset security now. I have it on my tablets, laptops and my pc.
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    System Restore Question

    I am having trouble restoring my Sony Vaio laptop to factory specs but I didn't want to keep files. I made the restore discs but when I tried to restore it came up with an error. I thought not saving all the info would be easier but seems its not. Just frustrating.
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    Time to build a new pc

    re; "Unless you're planning a dual-GPU setup (single card, SLI, or CFX), you don't need all of the power that the Seasonic X850 provides. If you can get it on sale (less than $150 shipped, before taxes), then go ahead and grab it. But there are plenty of good power supplies available for less...
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    Time to build a new pc

    I'm looking at these changes: and I added a keyboard cause the letters are wearing off mine...
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    Time to build a new pc

    Thank you for your quick reply. I really appreciate it. I especially appreciate the links to the items. I will let you know how it goes.
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    Anyone tried a good Far Cry 3 mod?

    I've been looking for a Far Cry 3 mod but haven't really found one. I'm on my third time playing single player. It just never gets boring.
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    Games you play that you never get "sick" of?

    Left 4 Dead 2. That is one of my favorite games and there are so many mods and maps being made for it that it's always fun to play. I am totally hooked on Far Cry 3 single player. This game is so much fun but when I want to play with friends I usually play left 4 dead 2. Love the zombies :)
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    Time to build a new pc

    Well I built my last pc in 2007 and I have to say I am playing Crysis 3 and doing pretty well but I noticed I seem to fit in the minimal requirements. So I guess it's time to build a new pc. 1) I use my pc for gaming. I play Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3, Assassin's...
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    Advice on New Build

    I know there are seasons where new stuff comes out. I don't know when that is but thought it was just before the end of the year I have a Fry's very close. The Corsair is about 8 months old. I use highest graphics setting which is 1920x1080
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    Advice on New Build

    T&S included USA- California I can keep the case possibly no Ocing planned 1920x1280 resolution 27 inch size ASUS LCD monitor next 4 months possibly build I have 64-bit OS legit windows 7 Ultimate I have 2 DVD drives already they are working great I have a Thermalright ultima 90 heatsink for the...
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    Advice on New Build

    Sorry, I was trying to answer all the questions first. must have missed that one.repurposing my old pc for anything else? Not really.
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    Advice on New Build

    Hello All, I am mulling around the idea of building a new PC. I built the one I use now. first of all I am using it mainly for gaming. I play BF3, MW3, Left4Dead2 and am planning on continuing probably with Black Ops 2. Right now my pc consists of: Silverstone Kublai case Asus...
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    cd rom not recognized by pc

    I fizzled with it for a bit and ended up reinstalling windows 7. That fixed it. what a pain to re install when this sort of thing happens. Now I'm afraid to update. :(
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    Intel Core i7 and Gaming @ [H]

    I've got a Q6600 and was thinking of upgrading to an i7. I am using an Asus Maximus Formula MB and an ATI 5870 graphics. After playing BF3 beta on high settings with no problem at all ....I am thinking I'm not in a rush. But I'm still looking. Any thoughts? This is what I have: Asus...