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    Dell P2715Q / P2415Q (3840x2160p, IPS, sRGB)

    Can anyone with the monitor confirm that the P2415Q itself is not using MST? As far as I know, it supports an output which turns the overall DP link into MST, but the monitor isn't using the MST hack internally (like the previous model). I've searched around but I haven't seen any hard facts...
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    eVGA Once Again Kicks Booty!

    same. I've never had problems with evga. Just got a gtx280 from them :p
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    Finished Bioshock - My take - Spoilers

    I still haven't beat this game. I got pissed off because I killed a big daddy when the little girl wasnt around, thinking that she'd show up eventually...but noooooo. If you kill a big daddy without the little girl around, you get nothing.
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    Games with the best UI?

    either UT, crysis, or any source game
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    When will the the 8800GTS come out?

    not really, the 8800gt only has a 256bit memory interface, and look how well it performs....
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    We're in a gaming Crysis!

    I love how everyone is throwing a bitch fit because they can't play it on the absolute highest settings Cryengine2 supports. To those people: I understand that you'll want to wait and not ruin the experience by playing the game first on lower settings than possible. However, let me reassure you...
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    Should I cancel my Newegg order

    just a fyi: all the gt boards are going to be made by the same company, so paying more for one brand over another is amazingly stupid.
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    Holy crap my Crysis framerate!!

    hey all i just got the demo and wanted to share my results :) first off, the game is freakin amazing....just everything about it. rig: 5200+ x2 (65W edition) 2gigs ddr800 passively cooled 8600gts everything is at stock speeds and such..... running at 1680x1050 res. on up to date windows...
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    Building new system, higher than normal requirements

    also check out the "extreme" version of that heatsink: here same size as the normal one, just uses more heatpipes. check out newegg buyer's reviews here i'm thinking about getting it when i upgrade to phenom.
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    Time to leave Socket 939 behind... recommendations?

    i have MSI's passively cooled 8600gts. it runs all current games fine at 180x1050, i'm sure you'd be happy with it - plus, it's silent.
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    Building new system, higher than normal requirements

    good call on the P35 and the fan, but i'm pretty sure the cpu codename that he'd want to watch out for is yorkfield (desktop version of penryn) Penryn is designed for mobile's weird, because it seems to be getting the most hype.
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    Building new system, higher than normal requirements

    he's only getting the fan to put on the thermalright heatsink in other news, here is a review of the brisbane core x2 i was talking about, jean-paul: it's pretty much simply awesome: will run cooler than the 6400+, has...
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    Building new system, higher than normal requirements

    Anandtech article:"Don't let the name confuse you: while the board supports AM2+ CPUs - like many AM2 boards will after a BIOS update - it is still a standard AM2 platform.)" so, yeah...i didn't notice you still had the corsair ram in there....i'd get these g.skill pieces instead...i have 1...
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    Building new system, higher than normal requirements

    there are no am2+ boards available yet, only the amd 700 series chipsets and the nvidia nforce 700 series chipsets will support am2+. am2+ basically adds support for split power lanes, hyper transport 3, and pci-e 2. Nothing you need to worry about. but yeah, get a 590sli board if you want to...