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    Sierra is back!!!

    While I wasn't impressed with The Silver Lining, a lot of people seem to like it. Have you taken a look at that? It's a fan made KQ game. And the reason I wasn't impress with The Silver Lining, might just because I can't play point and click adventure games any more.
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    How I Screwed Myself Out Of A Job At Insomniac Games

    Isn't that almost always the case? Companies are asking too much most of the time. One of the jobs I applied for was asking for apple troubleshooting skills. I asked them about it, and the guy told me, he doesn't know why it's in the requirements as they don't use any apple computers. Lots...
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    IFPI Chief: Blocking Pirate Bay is Not Censorship

    You mean, like someone that killed another, must not have ever done anything else in his life that's worth anything, right?
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    Activision Notes Industry-Wide Downturn In Pre-Orders

    I thought the general consensus was that fc3 was great? I never played it. I'm glad pre ordering is going down. Esp with all these preordering bonus stuff that really shouldn't even be bonuses.
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    Verizon To Throttle 4G LTE Users With Unlimited Plans

    Where? the bank, to cash their new checks!
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    Paedophile Snared As Google Scans Gmail For Images Of Child Abuse

    This is my question as well. I mean, in this case, the guy was a convicted sex offender. But if someone spams your email with cp, are you screwed? Though I don't generally do it, some people just leave emails there that they don't read. I know I've done that in the past, esp with certain emails...
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    Mass Effect 4 Panel From Comic-Con

    Actually, after 2 I believe it was. they said after 3, Shepard's story is over. But they will have other stories in the same universe.
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    Facebook Goes Down; Facebookers Call Cops

    Yea, right! Like the internet company would say they'd cancel your internet so readily.
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    Why are almost all indie games 2D?

    Essentially, it comes down to money. While it's not impossible, it is improbable that a small team can put as much money into the assets of the game. Most small teams also don't have dedicated writers, as that would mostly end up being a waste of money, if they have to pay for it or split the...
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    Consumers Are Too Dumb To Understand Google Fiber

    she's probably single, right? I mean, it's a bit hard to marry someone who thinks you're stupid.
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    Crytech USA Lays off staff (leadership quit)

    I see... So, doing what every other big company does... at least that's what it seems like to me.
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    Dotcom’s Assets Attacked From Multiple Directions

    It's funny, because he looks like Jim Sterling.... >.> Anyway, I'm all for the guy going free. He might not be perfect, far from it. But what he's being prosecuted for is BS.
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    Crytech USA Lays off staff (leadership quit)

    What makes Crytek such a bad game dev? Only bad thing I've heard from them is this debacle.
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    C.I.A. Admits Penetrating Senate Intelligence Computers

    Agreed. We all know Gov't is doing incredibly shitty stuff. So, if it turns on itself. I can't help but say, "Good."