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    $999 for laptop with 144hz, 1660Ti, 9750H

    This is why I only buy Mac laptops now, that and their hinges are better than almost all PC laptops and the battery life is better than most as well. Touchpads seem pretty hard for everyone else to get right.
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    The Best Game Of The Year Actually Won Game Of The Year At The 2019 Game Awards

    SAME. Most Japanese stuff is boring to no end for me. I bought a Switch last year, Octopath Traveler seemed to be the game to get according to the Nintendo news sites. So I bought it. Waste of $60. Couldn't get 5 minutes into it without thinking that doing chores around the house would be...
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    Nintendo Switch

    I have the original Satisfye grip, you'll really like it. Very comfortable. And unlike other after market grips, the Switch slides out quickly and easily to put into the dock.
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    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo released an updated Switch with a more power efficient processor and graphics. Online reports state about 25% more battery life out of the same old battery size. Gamestop is giving $225 for old Switches, so essentially $75 to upgrade to a newer more efficient model. I went in and did it...
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    Amazon Prime’s Video Game Pre-Order Discount Coming to an End

    Meh, never used it. I only buy digital copies for my Switch anyways. I would rather spend the extra and never have to keep track of cartridges.
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    Dell Inspiron 27 7775, Ryzen 7, 16gb RAM, Infinity Edge 4k screen, RX580, 1tb SSD, 2tb HDD

    Mint condition Dell Inspiron 7775 27" all in one gaming desktop. This was purchased from the Dell Outlet as a refurb, it functions perfectly. Maxed out specs on this one. Includes a Dell Complete Care warranty until Feb 23, 2021. Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 8 core/16 thread CPU 16gb RAM 4k...
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    Thinkpad X250, i5, IPS screen

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    Thinkpad X250, i5, IPS screen

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    Thinkpad X250, i5, IPS screen

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    Thinkpad X250, i5, IPS screen