Networked Windows machine instead of Parallels 17


Apr 2, 2007
I currently have Autodesk Inventor running on Win11 inside Parallels 17 on my M1 MBP. It works, but it isn’t fast.

So I’m curious about running a networked Windows machine instead of using Parallels.

What would be the best approach to putting a Windows machine hooked up to my gigabit home network and remotely accessing it on my MacBook from my office and running Autodesk Inventor that way?
I do this all day long with Jump Desktop. Full motion/resolution video. Plain Jain Remote Desktop would work fine too for 80% of scenarios but I deal with a lot of video.
Even over your local network, RDP wont be the fastest in terms of responsiveness, it would be fast using the system directly, but RDP can slow right down and become sluggish when you start doing heavy work on the remote system, things like sluggish mouse movements and such. Can always try it...
Did a test run of it with RDP on an old Thinkpad i5 system with 8gb and 128gb SSD. So far, its faster than if I were running it on the MBP under Parallels ARM -> x64 emulation.

Success! I dont make large, complex models so I think RDP with gigabit should be sufficient for my needs. Just hobby stuff like model rockets for me and toys for the kids on Autodesk Inventor, nothing like industrial engineering.
You could do Linux with Windows under KVM and make the VM accessible remotely. That way you could reserve some resources for the host, so that it doesn't slow down under full load.

There's probably some way of doing this under Windows, too, but I'm not familiar with advanced windows software controls.