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    Katie Couric to Become Yahoo’s Global News Anchor

    I don't like Couric and don't really care about Yahoo either. So...bleh.:p
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    Candidates for Microsoft's Next CEO

    Linus Torvalds. At least he'll only hurl curses....not chairs. :D Oh, and he knows how operating systems are supposed to work.
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    Justice Department Accidentally Outs Google In Data Demands Case

    For some reason, I don't really see you paying much in taxes.....ever.
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    Justice Department Accidentally Outs Google In Data Demands Case

    So instead of Google fighting the data requests believe the right thing was for them to just hand it over?
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    Happy 18th Birthday, Windows 95!

    Boy does time fly. I was in the USAF for 9 years at that point. I had an AST 486DX 33. I think I also had 4MB of RAM, CD ROM drive, etc. I don't recall the HDD size, but I do remember that it came with 2MB of RAM and I spent BIG money to get another 2MB stick of RAM.
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    Microsoft Dropping Price of Surface RT Bundles

    They could probably donate them to a charity and use it as a tax write off, but yeah....they just need to unload them and be done with it.
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    AT&T Playing Politics with Al Jazeera America?

    I'd really just like a news channel that gives me the bias, no opinion, just state the facts. Instead we have american news channels that manipulate video and present as news (NBC). Channels that get caught doing that shit should have their FCC license pulled. I think most of us...
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    Unlocking Cellphones Illegal, Feds Still Unhappy

    I bet if people had to buy the phones outright, we wouldn't see so many phones coming in at the $400-700 range. They'd be more like $200-300 with the same features.
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    Sun Unleashes Another Solar Storm Aimed at Earth

    We should send something up to the Sun to stop this crap. I know, I's really hot there. That's why my plan has us going at night. ;) I saw a news story about this.....why do they try and get people riled up over stuff we can't control.
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    Unlocking Cellphones Illegal, Feds Still Unhappy

    Next thing you know, they are going try and force people to buy insura....err, nevermind. ;) I actually have to support THIS^. If you got your phone on a contract, then it's not really your phone until you finish the contract. You want to carrier jump, need to actually BUY the...
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    ESET Reports Trojan in Orbit Downloader

    Agreed. Java being the exception....if they'd just get rid of that bullshit when updating, etc. I'd be happier with Oracle.
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    Steve Ballmer to Retire as Microsoft CEO

    I didn't know chair throwing was counted as a technical strategy. ;) Either way, I think MS will be better off without him.
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    USB-Powered Desktop BB Sniper Rifle for Work Stations

    I just wasted 30 seconds of my life. Remember folks, you cannot un-see something.
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    EA Launches Gameplay Trailer of The Sims 4

    Never been a Sims fan, and am certainly not an EA fan (haven't bought an EA game for years), but honestly....why would ANYBODY pre-order a game from this company after the last fiasco?
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    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls' Expansion Revealed

    I won't be buying. I was excited when D3 came out, but lost some of the "magic" that the previous two editions had. Once I beat Diablo the first time....I was done. I uninstalled it because it really wasn't that fun to play.