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    Help! I broke a micro ribbon cable!

    By the way can these be used instead of the ribbon cable or are they only extensions without heads? The ribbon cable thet I have is a 20 pin
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    Help! I broke a micro ribbon cable!

    Thanks a lot I will give this a shot!
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    Help! I broke a micro ribbon cable!

    Thanks,but the problem is that the Seiko dictionary does japanese to english translations. That is the other big reason she got that particular model.
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    Help! I broke a micro ribbon cable!

    Yeah it does a little odd. I also forgot to metion that it is a japanese product. She paid about $400 for it about 3 years ago, but I found it online on an american website for $150. If worse comes to worse that will be my last resort, but I can't afford that much right now since I just made my...
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    Help! I broke a micro ribbon cable!

    My girlfriend dropped her E-Dictionary the display got messed up. It had lines going across the screen making text difficult to read. I figgured that if I take it appart and re-secure the display ribbon it may fix it. Well the thing ios that it did, but while prying a corner open the ribbon...
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    InWin HTPC Case at $29.99 w/ FREE SHIPPING!

    I was able to find the dimesions here they are Width 5.61 in. Depth 13.74 in. Height 13.23 in. Weight 8.2 lb. Just in case anyone else needed them!
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    InWin HTPC Case at $29.99 w/ FREE SHIPPING!

    I am need to build something like this for my girlfriend, but I need to know the exact dimensions. I need it to be around the size of those old bulky laptops from like 1997. Could someone please post the dimensions for this case.
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    General consensus of Apollo v-cards?

    I have an Apollo 9200 pro that I bough about 3 to 4 years now. It is a great card and have had no problems with it (like with overclocking) and it still works very well after a couple of experiments I had conducted using this card. I guess from my post you can atleast know that they have been...
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    Is my Power supply hindering my machine's performance?

    Hi, I am running all the stuff under my sig with a thermaltake pure power 420 watt PS. During processor heavy applications my computer always slows down to a crawl. My friend's machines don't suffer from this and have slower processors and less ram. I figure that maybe the slow down could be due...
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    Which Playstation 2 RPG to get?

    I would recomend to stay away from xenosaga. It is nothing like xenogears and to top it all off the American version is edited for suggestive sexual content and a side story.
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    Anime Lover's Rejoice #2 - Gasaraki 1-8 for $24.99

    I am waiting out for the extended director's cut of the Eva boxed set to come out.
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    I have seen the worst when it comes to tatoos and that is somebody who actually had Goku (from Dragon ballz) tattooed on his entire arm. Now that is retarded :rolleyes:
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    Half Life 3 Screen Shot Slipped out

    Check out that real-time shadow rendering! Man they even went through the trouble to add more garbage in this game! Half Like 3 with 36% more garbage! Is that pink thing in the puddle a condom wraper?