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    Which RTX 2070 should I pick up?

    This is the card i got I couldnt be happier with it! Hey plus there is a amzaon warehouse deal for $488.47 Get it!!!! Plus I miss Kyle..... Sad face...
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    is a intel 2500k getting too old???

    Im stll running a 2500k at 2.8 ghz. Im going to upgrade from my gtx 970 to a 1070. When is the point that the processor is going to bottleneck me? It seems to run everything great. I just want to know when is it time to drop the $$$ and upgrade? Im still a noob in this forum but thanks for...
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    14M Windows 10 Installs In 24 Hours

    Hi, I know this has probably been asked a lot before.... After the first "free" year of windows 10, then do you have to pay full retail price to keep using it? Its only free for the first year right?
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    iPhone Owners Admit Blind Loyalty To Apple

    I currently have a iphone 4s and work with a team of apple zombies. To them there is nothing better than apple products no matter the price. Funny thing is they have NO clue what specs mean. To them its like a golf cart, you press the pedal and it works. Start talking processor , ram...
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    NSA Collects 200M Texts A Day

    hey don't worry,,, obonga is doing this to protect you !! You don't mind if they are tracking / reading your emails/texts because its making you feel sooooooo much safer. We should all just be chipping in and CC'ing the NSA on every email and text we send anyways.
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    Battlefield 4 PC System Requirements

    I was asking a lot of people this question about bf4's vram usage and it seemed like a lot of people didn't know or gave a fkk. Nvidia has been shanking their video cards memory for years and did it again with the 700 series.. Everyone is buying these 2 gig video cards and they aren't going to...
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    Whats the difference between TV's and monitors?

    I hope you guys can help me out. I have seen a lot of people use TV's as their monitors for their pc's. I currently have a 3 year old 25 inch HP lcd monitor and would love something newer and larger. Ideally 120 hz and maybe 32 inch.. What is the difference between using a Samsung HD tv as a...
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    Free Windows Version Of Blu-ray Copy

    And that fkin sux im a NOOB status,, haaaaaa
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    Free Windows Version Of Blu-ray Copy

    Anyone else getting a warning from AVG not to download this? Maybe im jsut a fkin pssy for using AVG but fk i dont know..... Bluray copy is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer,,, its recommending I delete it......
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    PC crash with Youtube Full screen

    I had a MSI gtx 560 ti twin frozor and had this problem. It would randomly happen when I watched you tube or even some personal vids on my pc. Generall when I resized the video is when the screen would go funky and pc lock up. I updated to the latest nvidia drivers and still didnt help. I...
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    GTX 570 low usage on BF3

    an return that 570 and buy a 670..that will fix ur problems..
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    new card for my friend

    Man sorry for saying but burn that fker and start from stratch...
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    Upgrade or not? 7950 / 580 or 7970

    core i5 2500k at 4.0 ghz 8 gig corsair 1600 ram gigabyte ga-z68x-ud4-b3 board 120 gig western digital SSD drive 2 msi twin frozor gtx 560 ti's in sli 1 gig models I have to be hitting a VRAM wall,, since bf3 releases that back to karland maps it runs like crap. I will see FPS from 110...
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    Advice for Upgrading i5-2500k/560Ti rig

    Ill say from experience that 2 560ti's in sli jsut dont have the VRAM needed for games like BF3, it stutters, bad FPS drops and even lockups.
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    Upgrade or not? 7950 / 580 or 7970

    I currently have 2 gtx 560 ti's in SLI. The one gig versions. I play a lot of games but mainly BF3. My problem is that with this SLI setup BF3 runs like shit. I have huge FPS drops to the point the game black screens and locks up or starts artifacting. Its not a bad card problem, i think...