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    The Best Case Mods of 2015

    case modding seems cool but things are outdated so soon I know a couple years after a worked to mod something I would look back at it as a waste of time
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    2015 Tech Industry Diversity Report Card

    Sometimes there is a double count because Hispanics are sometimes counted as white and other times as Hispanic. Figures up in 70s usually mean Hispanics are being counted as white.
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    Twitter Diversity Pick Stirs Controversy

    Nobody drank harder from the "diversity is strength" Koo-laid than McDonald's. Now their big idea is setting silverware on some tables to pretend to be more upscale. They have no ideas or vision and investors know it. McD's has become a hollow business more noted for its weekly customer/employee...
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    Wolfenstein: New Order $5ish

    I don't know that site (doesn't mean its bad). I bought FO4 from cdkeys for $40 and its ok (added to a month ago). They have Wolfy for 14 and change. I have the game but after a couple sessions I'm not feeling it and might delete it to get 40GB back on disk.
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    PowerColor Devil 13 Dual 390 16 GB + Razer Ouroboros - $499 after 100 MIR @ Newegg

    I just had a good experience with EVGA and their rebated Platinum 650w P2. But they too used a funky sized envelop for the check. Its wasn't business sized and it wasn't letter sized. It was a square thing that is meant to look like tossable junk. From beginning to end the rebate process is...
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    PowerColor Devil 13 Dual 390 16 GB + Razer Ouroboros - $499 after 100 MIR @ Newegg

    I'm still wating for a $30 PowerColor rebate from 2013. I did all the right things. Got registered on the site. Was notified I was due. Then I never got anything. I suppose I could blame the mail person but I've seen too many other with issues from this company's rebates. I had no problem with...
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    Steam Winter Sale

    I found Skyrim started off better. Oblivion was a little clunky and it took me a couple false starts to get into it. As a rule, I find sword and dodge games a but unsatisfying but Skyrim was better with the archery. With a little leveling It gets to be more like fps sniping. Skyrim and Oblivion...
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    Steam Winter Sale

    AH yes thanks - I forgot I bought my FO4 from cdkeys for $40 last month. They have GTAV now for 26.79.
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    Amazon Dominated Nearly Everything This Year

    When I see a deal on Amazon I first go to ebay before buying. 70% of the time I find the same item (often from same seller) for same price or less - and no tax or shipping. I did the Prime free period once and wasn't impressed. I like Amazon's service but ebay has stepped up a lot. The few times...
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    Steam Winter Sale

    Think GTAV will be cheaper by spring? I would get it now but I'm 20 hrs into FO4 with another 100+ to go. Would't get to another game for a few months. I cant play 2 games at the same time and chew gum
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    Flickr Stats Suggest iPhone Is Dominating Mobile Photography

    Even people with nice cameras don't like to lug them along all the time anymore. The phone became default for that "just-in-case" photo. I love dslrs but wont carry one around hiking/biking etc. However I also know most phone photos actually suck aside from selfies, party shots, food shots...
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    GOG - Quake $2.49 - Quake II $2.49 - Quake III $4.99

    So if the full version of Quake I with soundtrack is bought off GOG and then put on Steam does Steam strip soundtrack like the Steam version of Quake they sell?
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    GOG - Quake $2.49 - Quake II $2.49 - Quake III $4.99

    Cool. On Steam there are lots of pink negative reviews lamenting the removal of the music
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    GOG - Quake $2.49 - Quake II $2.49 - Quake III $4.99

    Humm I was just wondering about this game last week (I never played it). Do these versions have the original Soundtrack? I read something about the Nine Inch Nails music being stripped
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    Half-Life 2: Episode Four

    HL might be game version of Greta Garbo. She stayed famous for decades just being "mysterious" and on the edges of popular culture. A "Garbo sighting" somewhere was almost treated like Elvis. If Garbo had done another film in her 60s it could easily have wrecked her. HL might be in the same...