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    tons of spam linking to my blog

    The guys at Digging Into WordPress know their stuff, here's a couple good articles you may find helpful:
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    Align a relative positioned div to bottom

    I've had pretty good success with the solution described here:
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    wallpaper websites

    This site has a decent collection of minimalistic wallpaper, all 2560 x 1600. Don't miss the "older" link at the bottom, there's another 5 pages or so.
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    The official "clean desktop" club v2010

    Those icons are from the "Token" set (light version), which can be found here: I too would like that road wallpaper... *crosses fingers and waits for link*
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    HIS x1900xt to Asus EN9600GT silent... much of an upgrade?

    what about performance in general (regardless of noise/cooling solution)? Is there a real-world performance improvement? I'll probably hold off for now if it'll be a sideways 'upgrade'
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    HIS x1900xt to Asus EN9600GT silent... much of an upgrade?

    as the title asks, do you guys think I'll notice a difference between an ATi x1900xt (HIS brand with IceQ 3 cooler) and an Asus EN9600GT silent? I've got a Lian-Li A05B case and I'm going for "quiet with kick" I have: Abit IP-35 Pro Intel Core2 Duo E6850 4GB Geil Black dragon Vista...
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    Kinda Hot- D-Link DGL4300 108Mbps router $79.99

    it's $79.99 again this morning. just ordered one
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    Seagate RMA rocks

    good to know... i've got one i need to replace too
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    Who Has Swapped To Intel Since CD2 release??

    i had a 3700+ and switched to an E6850. I'll switch back if AMD gives me a reason to
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    Bought myself a Logitech G9

    I grabbed the G9 the other day too. Definitely an awesome mouse. i've heard complaints about it having "old skool" looks or whatever but i bet those people haven't held one in their hand. i swap the different grips pretty regularly and I hear they *might* put out more in the future...
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    Samsung 245T - What a panel...

    hey would you mind posting some pics of it?
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    New Vista X-Fi drivers are out on Creative's site.

    cool, i'll have to give these a try. thanks for the heads-up
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    netsend at school : suspension

    LMAO! me too. that sucks man, but... must....... laugh........... :D
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    newegg's cpu prices seemed screwed up?

    hmm i wonder which one i should get... :p that's so crazy!
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    Seagate 7200.11's in the wild?

    newegg has the 1TB in stock for 334.99 and free shipping i'm still curious how this will compare to the samsung F1...