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    Ryzen Motherboard that supports DDR4 ECC

    You are welcome! I can update you that this motherboard accepts 64GB of aforementioned ECC RAM, everything works perfectly with 4 sticks at 2666MT/s. Multi-level bit ECC at cheapo ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS. As I can't have too much downtime, I tortured it for one night with Prime95 large FFTs for 70%...
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    How to Increase Mouse Speed in BIOS?

    Takes like what, 5 minutes tops? And then you good to use your computers for months or years to come? I adjust my fan curves by keyboard, I even write down every percentage setting so in next BIOS update I don't loose my settings. I don't have a problem to spend few minutes on something...
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    Ryzen Motherboard that supports DDR4 ECC

    Hi guys, I post this so other people who look into ECC with Ryzens will have some more choices. Recently I had some nasty and silent corruption storage errors on my server, btrfs checksums caught it red handed and one of my programs kept crashing on corrupted file. Server has 2x Crucial MX500...
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    How to Increase Mouse Speed in BIOS?

    No, BIOS doesn't have settings for that. You will have to use keyboard like most of us do, or increase DPI in your mouse by pressing a button on a mouse, providing you have decent mouse which allows that.
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    Wine/Steam on Linux: change resolution on the fly in gaming (Age of Empires II 2013)

    Yes. Changing resolution is universal and works everywhere - basically this script changes resolution for you (so you don't need to go to Display settings in Linux menu) and then runs your game and then reverts resolution back to what it was. You just need to adjust it to your resolution and...
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    Wine/Steam on Linux: change resolution on the fly in gaming (Age of Empires II 2013)

    Hi all, I wanted to share something for those Linux friends who play on Wine or Steam. Recently I stumbled upon a game which stubbornly didn't have any resolution change setting - Age of Empires II (2013). I have 4K monitor with 139.87 PPI. Units are tiny and interface in that resolution is...
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    Is it normal that on some cases (F-Define R6 my new case) don't work well with all USB drives ?

    Try to reseat usb connector, if you did troubleshooting and everything comes down to case being responsible, then get an RMA on it and send it back. I also have Fractal case but R5, and never had any problem with its front USB ports.
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    Ran a copy command... somehow (don't know if related or not) partition of drive I copied to became corrupted?

    Format everything and start from scratch, if your server logs stored on / were wiped out that means you got some malware.
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    [GOG] Total Annihilation: Commander Pack

    Thanks PP, added to my library! :)
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    Post your hard drive Power On hours!

    My two oldest drives are 1TB Hitachi. Bought them already used with many hours on the clock. Spinrited them few times over and over and all bad sectors have been identified and spared out. For last two years or so there hasn't been a new bad sector. I use these drives in RAID1 configuration...
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    SSD Issue and Troubleshooting

    First of all, go to windows Event Viewer and check for errors on system tab. You might find reason for drive reporting online after 5 minutes not earlier.
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    Ryzen 2700 or 2700x

    Agree. Fix the real cause of noise. You can underclock/undervolt. Disable core boot. Possibilities are endless. X is a better chip which overclock better and behaves better at lower speeds. Stick with it :)
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    Ryzen 1600 and 32GB RAM?

    What is "training" memory setting, and where I can find it? I still yet to reboot my computer.
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    Ryzen 1600 and 32GB RAM?

    I haven't yet. Good tip, thanks. Will do probably in few weeks, as my machine works 24/7. Yes I am so happy that it worked :) Normally people can use 2 sticks at 3200 MHz, some not even that. I here, got 4 sticks :) Tricky Ryzen has been tamed. I must have a one good chip here. As my PC is...
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    Ryzen 1600 and 32GB RAM?

    Hi guys, finally comes the day of update. Additional 2 Flare X modules have arrived and they are exactly the same like previous ones. I installed them carefully in the case: Turned PC on, with 2400 MHz at first..Went up to 2666 MHz, booted ok.. Went higher... and...