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    Linus Tech Tips Visits the New Amazon Go Store

    The bigger problem is it's only open from 7am to 9pm M-F, which means they aren't even open on the weekend.
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    Network testing application

    Any reason why you don't just use iperf? It's free, easy to use and has all sorts of options.
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    Suggestion for a videocard for a computer I acquired & turning into a HTPC.

    PCI-E is fully backwards and forwards compatible with respect to pin-out and data transfer. You can use a PCI-E 3.0 card in a PCI-E 1.0 slot, and it will work, just it will not have as high of a max transfer speed.
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    Need help in directing Smart TV internet audio to receiver's 5.1 speaker system, not

    ARC allows it so that you can feed your receiver from your TV via the HDMI Input on your TV. So no, you are not using ARC anywhere if your CATV/DVD STBs are connected directly to the receiver. Basically you need to make certain both your TV and Receiver support ARC, and then just enable it in...
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    Apple Readies Fix for Thunderstrike Bootkit Exploit

    This bootkit is awfully cool, and a problem with the fact that you have an externally accessible PCIe bus which allows you to have the system boot device firmware which can do just about anything. Wonder if a similar bootkit can be done on non-apple motherboards that have thunderbolt.
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    Charter Communications and Copy Once Protection Flag

    I don't think anyone has found a way to beat the Copy Once protection flag. You will not be able to ditch WMC if you want to keep watching channels that have the Copy Once flag.
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    How to tell if my Unifi remote logging is working?

    Wireshark only sees what data is going over the network card. If you're using then you need to monitor the loopback. It sounds like your syslog server isn't setup correctly.
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    Microsoft Retiring Lync in Favor of Skype for Business

    It's too bad the Skype UI is awful for messaging. Maybe this means they'll actually fix that problem?
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    Full 4k/60Hz HTPC

    ARC is just fine. You should only plug in to your receiver if it also supports HDMI 2.0, which not all do.
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    64-Bit Firefox Poised to Launch in the Near Future

    Weird, considering FireFox had dropped support for the win64 version of the firefox nightly builds a while ago. Not certain where...
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    Which State Is Torrenting The Most

    Except that makes no sense. Iowa is much more boring, same with the Dakotas, yet there's less pirating going on in those 3 states, and they also get paid on average less than Ohio.
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    Seagate database hacked?

    I didn't get anything either.
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    10G/40G QSFP switch not working

    It looks like there is no OS on that switch. What you'll most likely need to find out there on the internet is a version of Broadcom FastPath that works with your device, and then have some fun getting it onto the device. Although, it might not be that hard depending on what kind of flash it's...
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    BMW and Daimler Working on Wireless Charging for EVs

    Yes there is. I don't think most wireless chargers are even close to 95% efficiency, which means we want to go "green" with EV cars, but waste at least 5% extra power to charge them, which gets even worse as temperatures lower. Great idea, wait, no.
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    Cisco VTP Issues

    Well that's easy. You have 2 servers. Of course it won't work. One device has to be a Server, and the other needs to be a Client. Configure that and everything will start working as you expect.