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    Potential GPU Upgrade

    Card seems very good for the price. First time I've owned the top tier card since the Asus Matrox 5870's. Ever since I've stayed in the mid range.
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    Potential GPU Upgrade

    Picked up the XFX RX 5700 XT Raw II from Best Buy for $380. Seems pretty good.
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    Potential GPU Upgrade

    I'm looking at potentially doing a GPU upgrade. Currently I am running a Gigabyte RX 580 8gb paired with a Ryzen 2600 and 16gb DDR4 3200 memory. I mainly play Escape from Tarkov, COD Warzone, and the Division 2 all at 1080p. About how large of an upgrade would a 5700xt be? Would I be better...
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    XFX Support issues

    I know when I bought this card, I purposely bought the XFX for the "lifetime" warranty. This is the first time I had to actually use their support. I also took a multi faceted, carpet bombing approach for escalation by hitting up here and reddit. Typically I prefer companies with strong...
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    XFX Support issues

    Yes, thank you. I shipped out on Thursday. Appreciate the help!
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    Hello, it's been a bit since you were active but I could use some help with a ticket...

    Hello, it's been a bit since you were active but I could use some help with a ticket. T1909060005 is my support ticket number. If you could assist that would great!
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    XFX Support issues

    My wife's computer has a XFX Double D Radeon R9 270X that suddenly stopped working correctly. It shut off and upon reboot both DVI ports appear to not work and the HDMI port outputs huge green bars vertically. Oh well, that's why I bought an XFX card with the lifetime warranty. I logged into...
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    ASRock - B450 GAMING-ITX/AC Mini ITX AM4 for $84 AR, free shipping

    I have this board. Seems pretty nice for the cost.
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    AMD Radeon VII Video Card Review @ [H]

    I'm glad that AMD is starting to actually compete in the enthusiast end. Just wish the price was a little better.
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    Trade Your Prize. 8086K for a Threadripper™ 1950X CPU

    AMD just keeps shitting all over Intel's Marketing. Hopefully they back up the smack talk.
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    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP

    Wow. Didn't expect them to just cancel it. Good deal, although I would have liked to see them get smacked down in the courts a la intel.
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    AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen 2 2700X Zen+ CPU Review @ [H]

    I think I finally found my preferred upgrade from the 2500k. Only 6 years 2 months later.
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    GeForce Partner Program Impacts Consumer Choice

    Stunts like these are why I would never buy Nvidia products. Anti-competitive practices just boil my blood.
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    Recommend me a mid tower case.

    What's priority? Looks? Prefer to stay conventional in looks/ window is fine but prefer black/grey. Cooling? Air cooling, filters is a definite want as my wife has a cat. Do you have liquid cooling (need rad mounting)? Air cooled, so no. Huge heatsinks? I have a Hyper 212 Do you want RGB? Not...